Zimbabwe Banks Lack Cash Reserves To Honor Customer Withdrawals

<p><img src=”//″ style=”border:0;” alt=””/></p>Zimbabwe Banks Lack Cash Reserves To Honor Customer Withdrawals Zimbabwe Runs Out Cash   Even though various countries around the world are contemplating to go cashless in the future, running out of cash is not what most of them have envisioned. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe, that is exactly …

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Zimbabwe to print local ‘US dollar’

Harare – Zimbabweans formed long queues outside banks on Thursday as a cash shortage prompted the government to announce plans to print a local version of the US dollar and limit withdrawals. The government adopted US and South African currencies in 2009 after hyperinflation – which peaked at 231 million …

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Zimbabwe attempting to re-introduce the defunct dollar

The cash-strapped government has finally decided to introduce the Zim dollar amidst the debilitating liquidity crunch. This decision has been muted by the RBZ in order to ease the liquidity crisis. The RBZ will mint Z$2, Z$5, Z$10, Z$20 Bond Notes equivalent to the US dollar. To disguise the fact …

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High level Zimbabwe investment conference set for London Read the original article on : High level #Zimbabwe investment conference set for London #twimbos #263chat @zimtweets

Zimbabwe is set to dispatch top government officials to the United Kingdom to attend a high-level conference to discuss the country’s investment opportunities. Africa Confidential, a continental focused information group, is organising the event scheduled for July. The conference is to be held under the theme: “Zimbabwe 2016: Rebooting and Rebuilding”. …

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