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Tragedy of the doctors’ crippling strike

It is simple: The tragedy of the over two-months doctors’ strike is that Zimbabwe has two finely distinct groups; those who feel (the majority) the impact of the strike and those who talk (the minority) about it. If everyone stepping on Zimbabwean soil had felt the colossal effect of the …

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Zimbabwe government deluded about doctors

This has been one of the most deluded period for the Zimbabwe government – even by its own inherently schizophrenic standards — firstly claiming that providing low salaries to workers was economically prudent as it attracted foreign direct investment (FDI), since companies preferred investing in countries with cheap labour, then …

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Zim’s appalling human rights record must be corrected

IT comes as a seriously embarrassing affront to the Zimbabwe nation State that we are condemning hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow brothers and sisters to Statelessness simply because one or both their parents are unknown to them, which makes it impossible for them to obtain identity documents (IDs) under …

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Africa must take the lead on animal rights

Emmanuel Koro Correspondent One of the United States’ most outspoken ivory experts has suggested a new approach for Africa to topple Western animal rights groups from their harmful global leadership positions in wildlife management. “Given the overall dismal experience of the sustainable use of forces at CoP18 in Geneva, Switzerland, …

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Unpacking school fees top-up matrix

Tanaka Mahanya Features Writer As has become the norm, some boarding schools have increased fees during the course of the term due to the economic dynamics that have affected all sectors in the country. At a time when parents feel they are done with their children’s fees, schools demand more …

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A peek into world of charcoal syndicates

Daniel Nemukuyu Investigations and Special Reports Editor CHARCOAL trading syndicates run by Harare gangs are racking up huge profits by exploiting poor rural people who are illegally destroying hardwood forests to make the charcoal. The charcoal is then sold in thriving markets in the city’s residential areas, where power cuts …

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Who is polluting our water?

Blessings Chidakwa Herald Correspondent Zimbabwe’s cities are the biggest polluters, poisoning rivers and dams with germ-laden sewage, with industrialists cheating over their waste and small-scale miners dumping the worst poison — mercury — coming up fast behind. The cities have overloaded, undersized and poorly maintained sewage plants, with Harare in …

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Special Economic Zones can transform Zimbabwe

Davison Kaiyo Features Correspondent Zimbabwe has been struggling to attract meaningful Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) despite the declaration that the country is open for business. It follows that the country must continue to implement policies that improve the ease of doing business and to further open up the economy in …

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Dirty pieces of money ensnare civil servants

Pupurai Togarepi When President Mnangagwa embarked on the austerity path that is about to come to an end since the economy is showing positive signs of recovery, he did not seek to sugar-coat the pain that Zimbabweans had to go through to make the country the Jewel of Africa once …

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