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From hopelessness to entrepreneurship

Nicole Guzah (32) is an emerging entrepreneur who is into wedding planning, event coordination and decoration services. She graduated with an honours degree in Social Sciences majoring in International Relations at the Walter Sisulu University in South Africa. Guzah says when she returned home in 2015, finding a job was …

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Turning the promise of peace into the real thing

Ethiopia has made the first move. The next should be for it to put all its detailed concerns on the table. Twenty years since the start of a bloody war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, peace is long overdue. With the region facing unprecedented security threats, a resolution between the neighbours …

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Govt keen to support Doma people

The faces of children at Mariga Government School, down in Mbire District of Mashonaland Central Province, tell a daunting story. Their skin is so dry and chapped while their clothes are dirty and tattered. They walk to school barefooted. To many outsiders this is heart-rending. But to them, everything is …

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Life after Russia 2018

David Mungoshi Shelling the Nuts It’s all over now. The four-yearly carnival is over and done with, and France are World champions. Much as I hate to have to say it, France continues to reap a rich harvest from its neo-colonial ventures. Social media people have been circulating the following …

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Let’s elect a credible candidate

If a vision lacks realism, it also lacks credibility. Any father can come to their children and promise them the most fanciful toys envogue but a credible father will not come with fanciful promises when he knows his circumstances cannot back their delivery. But it is only a credible parent …

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On the road to middle income status

YESTERDAY we carried a report in which we revealed that under President Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe has embarked on record-breaking road construction and infrastructure rehabilitation programmes. High grade asphalt concrete roads are being constructed to facilitate the movement of goods on major highways, while the National Railways of Zimbabwe’s recapitalisation and rehabilitation …

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MDC-Alliance playing spoiler

The campaign for harmonised elections due in a fortnight has reached fever pitch and the tones and undertones are all clearly pointing to a Zanu-PF victory. Out of the 23 Presidential candidates, MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, is crying loudest as his premonition of defeat looms larger. Having failed to offer …

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Africa’s natural resources and underdevelopment

Baffour Ankomah Book Review “Africa’s Natural Resources and Underdevelopment: How Ghana’s Petroleum Can Create Sustainable Economic Prosperity” by Kwamina Panford is an important addition to critical thought on the continent. It tells how Ghana, under pressure from global capitalism, enacted mining laws that have empowered foreign companies to do whatever …

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AFRICAFANTASTIKA continues to bloom

Mark Bould Correspondent In 2016, Nnedi Okorafor won a Hugo and a Nebula for her novella “Binti“ (2015), and omenana, the first African SF magazine, reached its ninth issue in just three years. The African Speculative Fiction Society, an even more significant indicator of critical mass, was launched at Nigeria’s …

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