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We need complete thinkers, not compartmentalised ones

Echoes: CONWAY TUTANI What does it mean to be a “complete thinker”? Complete thinking entails connecting apparently disparate or unconnected ideas. To further elaborate, it means being able to take on a variety of ideas and disciplines and put them all together in a way that shows they work together. …

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Swimming team off to Namibia

Cloud Fusire Sports ReporterTHE Zimbabwe team will today leave for the African Swimming Championships Zone IV Swimming and Open Water Swimming Championships in Windhoek, Namibia. The event will take place from Saturday to Wednesday and Zimbabwe will have a team of 29 swimmers and four additional open water swimmers. The …

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Botswana’s voice on sanctions reassuring

After assuming power in November 2017, President Mnangagwa embarked on a diplomatic offensive, targeting both friend and foe. The cynics were, however, quick to dismiss this strategic move as a globe-trotting exercise that would drain the already ailing fiscus. Such criticism hardly came as a surprise. The leading proponents — …

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There’s more to sexual abuse than gender

Ruth Butaumocho Managing EditorThe gender discourse has for years centred on women and girls, who have historically been disproportionally affected by all forms of sexual violence. That perception – which is not far from the truth – has its roots in patriarchal social structures, and gender ideologies, where women were …

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US overstepping its boundaries on Zim

Mapozho Saruchera CorrespondentThe United States has the capacity to change the situation prevailing in Zimbabwe for the better — if it just backs off and take their illegally imposed sanctions with them. On February 12, 2019, nearly a month after the MDC orchestrated violent protest, the US State department — which is similar to …

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How foreign aid fuels African media’s payola problem

IN many African countries, a dirty secret of journalism is that reporters earn most of their income from payments by their sources. And the dirtiest secret of all is that the international aid community is among the most prolific payers. At a recent Press conference, a small group of Liberian …

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Civil Servants’ Strikes, Opposition’s Trojan Horse

Zimbabwe is fast becoming a “strike country” as various civil service arms try and outdo each other in registering their grievances against Government through withdrawal of labour and other forms of protest. While all this is legal and guaranteed under Section 59 of the Constitution, history has shown these strikes …

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Horrors of Detention: a Laugh in the Face of Democracy

On Sunday September 25 1977, over 20 000 black South Africans converged in King Williamstown about 922km from Johannesburg to pay their last respects to Steve Bantu Biko, a non-violent but militant black, radical leader who mysteriously died in police custody on September 12. He was the 20th man to …

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Power generation stability key for growth

When President Mnangagwa commissioned Kariba South Power Station units 7 and 8 in March last year, adding 300 megawatts to the national grid, the event heralded the beginning of more secure and stable internal power supply in Zimbabwe. The country has since rolled out plans, through Government and private sector …

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