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Guarding the Constitution

In March, Zimbabwe will celebrate the fifth anniversary of its Constitution, which was approved by a popular referendum in 2013. The Constitution was one of the major achievements of the Inclusive Government which governed the country for four years between 2009 and 2013. Nevertheless, in the aftermath of the major …

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My open letter to my President: Emmerson Mnangagwa

My open letter to my President: Emmerson Mnangagwa that I intend to hand to him in his meeting with Zimbabwean businessmen in South Africa today. The television, media, marketing and communication space is an arena where we mould minds, perceptions and cognition to ignite people’s reality and understanding of the …

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Zimbabwe – Of Hope Among Illisions

OF HOPE AMONG ILLUSIONS By Patson Dzamara Saturday the 18th of November 2017 shall forever be remembered as the day which inscribed an indelible feature in the history of Zimbabwe. On that day, an entire nation conspired to run away from Satan in order to seek refuge in and surrender …

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Interesting facts about #Zimbabwe that you never knew.

Interesting facts about Zimbabwe that you never knew. Which one amaze or shock you. 1.There is a man named Mwaitegaro Mutepfa from Manicaland 2.In the 1980’s, demand for teachers was so high that the government had to do “on the spot” teacher training. 3.The set up of paths at the …

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