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Crying for A Peaceful Zimbabwe Election 2018

Crying for A Peaceful Election 2018 Zimbabwe will in less than twelve months head for elections, a time for serious different opinions to be laid on the tables and serious political strangles with conflicting minds and ideology, coalition and splits. The strangle for supremacy is real, tough and hard but …

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Arthur Mutambara : My Stardom Damaged By Zimbabwe’s Bankruptcy

“My Rockstar status is damaged by the bankruptcy of my country. Please help me; I love my stardom,” former deputy prime minister Professor Arthur Mutambara said last Friday as he launched his autobiography in the UK. Professor Mutambara is not ordinarily immodest about his academic achievements and his wide-ranging address …

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#Zimbabwe Citizens Behave Like Drunk Monkeys

#Zimbabwe Citizens Now Behaving Like Drunk Monkeys By Patson Dzamara The earlier we accept the quintessential fact that ZANU PF is a mafia organisation, the better. Anyone who thinks ZANU PF is a competitor to anyone must be deeply engrossed in kindergarten hallucinations of a bygone era. As we stare …

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Analysis: Zimbabwe’s midnight moment of hope among illusions

Analysis: Zimbabwe’s midnight moment of hope among illusions By Patson Dzamara One erudite person once said that at midnight every tomorrow becomes today. A midnight speaks of an eternally simultaneous relationship and occurrence of two distinct elements. It speaks of exit and entrance or an end and a start in one go. By any standard, perceived or real, …

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Tribute to abducted #Zimbabwe Activist Itai Dzamara

TRIBUTE TO ITAI DZAMARA – MY ULTIMATE HERO By Patson Dzamara It’s now 28 months since those evil intoxicated men snatched you from us mukoma. I still hold on to the hope that one day you will be with us. I look forward to you mischievously calling me ‘mudhara’ or …

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