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ED needs to walk the talk on corruption

Two critical developments, separate but intertwined, happened on Monday. As a Harare magistrate was castigating President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Anti-Corruption Prosecution unit for lack of seriousness in dealing with corruption cases, the head of State was swearing Zimbabwe’s new Anti-Corruption commissioners. Since coming into power in November 2017, Mnangagwa has been …

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Let’s stamp out fear of witchcraft

guest column Fr Oskar Wermter SJ Whenever some calamity befalls us; illness, catching an infectious disease, an accident and injury, a bankruptcy in business, a failed examination, a failed marriage — we want to know what caused it in the first place. This is not just African thinking; it is …

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Media: Crucial tool on climate action

Elizabeth Andreya Features WriterClimate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today. Some of the biggest threats relate to water scarcity, reduced agricultural output, spread of diseases like malaria and biodiversity loss, among others. In Zimbabwe, scientists say the country now experiences more hot and fewer cold …

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Can AU, UN find common ground in Sudan?

Priyal Singh CorrespondentRecent developments around Sudan’s transfer of political power show why a more strategic partnership between the African Union (AU) and the United Nations (UN), especially at the council levels, matters. Discord between the security councils of both bodies reveals fault lines in their efforts to stabilise Sudan. On …

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Green energy way to go for Zim

Sifelani Tsiko Environment, Agric & Innovations EditorPlans by Government to craft incentives to promote investments into solar energy will certainly boost the country’s set targets to increase the use of renewable energy for heating and electricity and reduce carbon emissions. By 2030, Zimbabwe needs to achieve universal access to sustainable …

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Editorial Comment: Bring to book rogue forex dealers

REPORTS that some police officers mandated to eliminate crime are at the forefront of illegal foreign currency trading in Harare, are disturbing. Police officers, being the watchdogs of society, should be showing us the way and not otherwise. They must lead by example and play their role to fight corruption …

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Constraints on ease of doing business in low-income countries

Charles Dhewa Correspondent Besides focusing on pleasing foreign investors, the ease of doing business hype gives an impression that business is easy. If doing business was easy, everybody would be a businessperson. Farmers and entrepreneurs who wait for conditions to become favourable in order to get into business will stop …

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Govt, party officials key to development

Lovemore Chikova Assistant Editor Since he assumed office, President Mnangagwa has pronounced several new developmental concepts, some of which are already in the process of being implemented, while others are being refined in preparation for take-off. These new concepts need Government and ruling party ZANU-PF officials at all levels of …

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Cholera knocking on our doors, again!

Rumbidzai Ngwenya Correspondent Almost on a yearly basis, people die of cholera in Zimbabwe, mostly in Harare. Cholera outbreaks have become more of a ritual than a disaster that it has become common for people to lose lives. Outbreaks of cholera, an acute enteric infection caused by the ingestion of …

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