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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Punish Command Agric saboteurs

NOT everyone would have been happy about the success of Government’s Command Agriculture programme. But even those who initiated the programme had no idea of the amount of rainfall, so couldn’t have predicted how much it would yield at the end of the harvest. Now the wolves are on the …

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Chidyausiku: Eulogy from the Bar!

Rtd Chief Justice Chidyausiku Sharon Hofisi and Dorcas Chitiyo Legal Matters In three days’ time, retired Chief Justice (CJ) Godfrey Chidyausiku, receives a deserving send-off at the National Heroes Acre. He leaves a rich legacy — all those who make immense contributions to national development are heroes in their own right. …

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Top 20 Most Brutal and Ruthless Dictators in Africa

  Top 20 Most Brutal and Ruthless Dictators in Africa Leadership in Africa has typically been characterized by Coup d’Etats, violence and dictatorship. Some scholars have argued this is because, Democracy is not an African ideology. Historically, leadership in Africa was based on conquest and monarchy. TOP 20 DICTATORS IN AFRICA …

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Local language news helps build nation

The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Chris Mushohwe Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu The Government’s recent launch of the country’s television news programme broadcasting in nine formerly so-called minority languages was a very big nation-consolidation step. It was not surprising at all that the Minister of Information, Media and …

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Five years of misery, pain

These images show the ulcers Evermore Dzenga has lived with since 2013. – Pictures: Munyaradzi Chamalimba Leroy Dzenga Features Writer When Evermore Dzenga of Unit M Chitungwiza (29), (not related to the writer), started having irritations on her head during her high school days, she dismissed them as ring worms common …

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Is African Economic Forum missing in action?

Mr Gigaba Victor Kgomoeswana Correspondent English poet from the Romantic Age, William Blake, lived by the maxim: “I must create a system or be dominated by another man’s.” Rather than criticising what others are doing, which gives it more credence, he would concentrate his resources on the business of creation. These …

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