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Chidyausiku was a patriot, legal icon’

Justice Makarau . . . .”Chief Justice Chidyausiku leaves a legacy of hard work, unity within the Judiciary and independence” THE INTERVIEW Christopher Farai Charamba CC: Justice Makarau, how would you describe Chief Justice Chidyausiku? What sort of a man was he and what sort of judge was he? RM: …

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Inside Muzhingi’s training regime

Stephen Muzhingi Innocent Choga Fitness The athlete’s ultra-lean physique was in motion at 20 kilometres per hour. He was past the sweating point; his face was dry and intent, but it told a tale that the man had sweated profusely earlier on. Wearing a loose red vest and what we used …

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‘Prophet’ Robert Mugabe 101

President Mugabe made a bold remark at the just-ended World Economic Forum on Africa that took place in Durban, South Africa. As he addressed the forum — a gathering of the world’s economic,financial and development minds — and politicians like him too, he refused to be cowed into acknowledging the …

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Gamification excites students

The key characteristic of e-learning is entertainment which help students love learning. Welcome to the world of gamification of education. When you give a student a paper and a pen to solve 20 mathematical problem you are likely to be greeted by grumblings but if you give them a computer …

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It’s your time, you can do it!

Throughout history there are various generations that have come and gone. Each of those generations had a distinguished characteristic amongst all other things. From the Word of God, we see right from Abraham, generation after generation coming forth. Abraham, Moses, Noah, are amongst the men who had powerful times in their …

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General Chiwenga Must Resign

By Moses Chamboko WHEN a serving soldier goes astray, there are many different types of remedial actions that can be invoked. The most common of these punishments is what is known as Confinement Barracks (CB), usually for minor transgressions like absence without official leave (AWOL) or inappropriate dressing. For more …

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