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Of addiction, demand and supply

Guest column: Fr Oskar Wermter SJ YOU can get addicted to many things, eg to gambling for good luck to win a fortune; you can play roulette in a casino and win a big amount by mere chance. You can get dependent on alcohol and drugs, on sex and pornography. …

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Moving on from Mugabe era

Guest column: Eddie Cross BEING in Harare in the past two weeks has been quite an experience. The Robert Mugabe era has finally closed after his death in Singapore on September 6, even through he is yet to be buried. But from a people perspective the whole thing was just …

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SA student, wins edible straws prize

Jenna Etheridge Correspondent There is nothing more “sucky” than when a paper straw collapses while you’re trying to sip your drink. So a Stellenbosch University student decided to create an edible straw that would allow people to enjoy their drinks and still be environmentally-conscious. Leila Siljeur (19) a second-year Chemical …

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African agriculture needs rebranding

Esther Ngumbi and Mwaura Nganga Make agriculture “sexy” to woo youth was the main message shared at a recent meeting for business and government leaders in Africa and India. Today, Africa’s youth make up 65% of the continent’s population. Yet, many of them want nothing to do with agriculture, because …

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Dispelling the myths behind poor Grade 7 results

Elliot Ziwira Senior Writer The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) Grade Seven examinations starting next Monday come at a time when there has been an outcry that some provinces, such as Matabeleland North, have become perennial “black sheep” due to dismal pass rates in public examinations year in, year out, …

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How weight affects couples’ fertility

Roselyne Sachiti Features, Health & Society Editor Each day most Zimbabweans eat huge portions of starchy foods that include sadza, rice, bread, potatoes and pasta. Coupled with the lack of exercise, many become overweight oblivious to the implications this has on their reproductive health functions. In many Zimbabwean communities, being …

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Face to fang with a black mamba

Isdore Guvamombe Reflections The September sun rose with a perfect smile, imperceptibly licking the tinder-hued grass dry of the dew drops. Being a drought year, by mid-morning cicadas had broken into sweet melodies while clinging precariously on tree trunks. They sang and prayed again and again in a shifting tapestry …

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Afrophobia: Zimbabwe’s Lameck moment

Leroy Dzenga Features Writer When Cyril Ramaphosa walked into the National Sports Stadium there was an undefined sound from the crowd. It was distinct from the previous cheers, accorded to the likes of Olusegun Obasanjo, Edgar Lungu and Dr Kenneth Kaunda, but it was a sound nonetheless. We argued with …

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Of human rights demands and regime change

Elijah Chihota Correspondent Chapter 4 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution adopted in 2013 outlines various rights which are supposed to be enjoyed by Zimbabwean citizens as they go about their business. A few bad apples among us are busy abusing Section 59 which affords the “freedom to demonstrate and petition”. Of late, …

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