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#Zimbabwe cash crisis drives grassroots corruption

Cash crisis drives grassroots corruption Government invented a cash crisis last year by introducing bond notes. And, because of that weird creativity, Zimbabwe is now saddled with swelling corruption in the financial sector. corruptionwatch WITH TAWANDA MAJONI Whenever the word “corruption” is mentioned our imagination jumps to fat, chauffeur-driven hoodlums …

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Dear ZANU PF: Robert Mugabe is not an angel 

The tomfoolery that was displayed by Zanu PF youth secretary Kudzanai Chipanga at Marondera on Friday is sickening.   Comment: The Standard Editor It is well within the excitable Zanu PF youth leader to grovel and lick boot as much as he likes but honestly, calling President Robert Mugabe an …

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Zimbabwe: Luxury For The Elite, Misery For The Masses

Zimbabwe: Luxury For The Elite, Misery For The Masses June 15, 17 by Albert Robinson Pity the poor people of Zimbabwe, having to endure year after year of abysmal rule by an increasingly doddery nonagenarian unwilling to give up the reins of power, and who has managed over more three decades …

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Is #Zimbabwe on the verge of an implosion?

By Patson Dzamara I am aware that this will invoke several interpretations by different people based on their world views. Fully prepared for that, I wont be dissuaded from making my point. As I was praying in a bush this evening nearby the place I stay, a neatly dressed young …

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Is Nkosana Moyo the next president of #Zimbabwe ?

AFTER reading the column by Dr Hazvinei Mushonga on the events preceding the 2018 Zimbabwe elections, one must admit that the sister has made a powerful argument in favour of an outsider candidate for president. Prior to that, another writer had explored the illustrious career of Nkosana Moyo in “Who …

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How Robert Mugabe ruined #Zimbabwe

How Robert Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe Mere despotism was not enough for Robert Mugabe; daft policymaking was crucial IN 2016 it became a common sight in the capital of Zimbabwe to see fearful citizens queuing outside banks, waiting hopefully for cash. It was the most obvious manifestation of anxiety about Robert …

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