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Is Nkosana Moyo the next president of #Zimbabwe ?

AFTER reading the column by Dr Hazvinei Mushonga on the events preceding the 2018 Zimbabwe elections, one must admit that the sister has made a powerful argument in favour of an outsider candidate for president. Prior to that, another writer had explored the illustrious career of Nkosana Moyo in “Who …

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How Robert Mugabe ruined #Zimbabwe

How Robert Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe Mere despotism was not enough for Robert Mugabe; daft policymaking was crucial IN 2016 it became a common sight in the capital of Zimbabwe to see fearful citizens queuing outside banks, waiting hopefully for cash. It was the most obvious manifestation of anxiety about Robert …

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My Vote Counts Zimbabwe

My Vote Counts Zimbabwe As Zimbabwe heads for the 2018 elections so many stories, allegations, propaganda, manifesto’s are cooked up by yours truly politicians. This is the nature of politics and l have nothing against it, but clearly it shows how much power ordinary Zimbabwean citizens have over these powerfully …

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If I Was an African President, I Wouldn’t Quit Power Either

OPINIONBy Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo I am writing this article between breaks at an international conference on ‘Relearning to be human for global times’ organised by Makerere University’s department of philosophy in partnership with the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. It is an interesting coincidence how the conference …

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Who Can a Penniless #Zimbabwe Pensioner Turn To?

Who Can a Penniless #Zimbabwe Pensioner Turn To?  An elderly couple, aged 78 & 76 years old who were born in the UK, approached the UK embassy to ask for assistance and were referred by them to us. They have a small amount of money left and know when this …

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Are #Zimbabwe Citizens the Best Educated idiots?

Zimbabweans love myths. One of the proofs is the popularity of the suave, sharply-dressed salesmen promising them everything they pray for. Like Mugabe. Here we bump into one of the great myths of our age: ‘Zimbabweans are the best-educated people in Africa’. If this was ever true it is surely …

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