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Tread carefully on glyphosate: Africa

Amzath Fassassi Correspondent As the EU considers extending its approval for the weed-killer, African researchers highlight safety concerns. African researchers have intervened in a controversial debate involving scientists and decision-makers around concerns that the agricultural chemical glyphosate might be carcinogenic, and have called for the precautionary principle to be applied. …

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Politics of truth, lying in a colonial society

Nigel Gibson Correspondent Psychiatric hospitals tend to create institutionalised patients, thus further alienating them from their communities. But what also became clear to philosopher Frantz Fanon, while working as a psychiatrist at Blida-Joinville Hospital in Algeria between 1953 and 1956, was that patient integration was impossible in colonial societies. By …

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Why the war against apartheid legacy is far from over

Fred Khumalo Correspondent “AWAKING on Friday morning, 20 June 1913, the South African Native found himself, not actually a slave, but a pariah in the land of his birth.” This is the startling opening line of Native Life in South Africa, by author, journalist, and political activist Sol Plaatje (founder …

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Get your priorities right, Mr President

WE would want to understand the predicament that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his executive team find themselves in. Editorial Zimbabwe is in a dark hole and they are, indeed, groping for answers to fix a broken nation. It’s no easy task, but one which has to be done. Add to …

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Winds of change blow in Zim

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s promise to transform the nation by broadening and revitalising its economic opportunities, while ensuring progressive steps are taken towards a democratic future, have consolidated a new era of law-abiding transparency and openness and instilled hope among Zimbabweans and the world. President Mnangagwa is on a mission to …

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Together we can beat cholera

ZIMBABWE is facing a dual outbreak of cholera and typhoid that has so far claimed 27 lives leaving thousands more hospitalised. These two maladies, that some love to dub diseases of the past, are reflective of the state of affairs in Harare which has seen increasing population that has not …

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Let’s give ED a chance to turnaround Zim

Elijah Chihota Correspondent For a long time, Zimbabwe was a country in the wilderness with little taking place, but since November 24, 2017 when President Mnangagwa took over the levers of powers, things started to tick. He embarked on the re-engagement route to ensure that Zimbabwe is re-integrated into the …

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Tragedy behind the cholera statistics

Rumbidzayi Ngwenya Features Writer For the Mangwarire family of Glen View 8, Harare, September 8 will forever be etched in their minds. The fateful day, which started like any other normal Saturday, ended in sorrow as they unexpectedly lost a husband, father, son and brother. Regerai Mangwarire (45) ran a …

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Faith, believes before it sees!

Bishop Dr. B Manjoro Dunamis Today in this article I will be sharing with you about one powerful thing that was given to the church by God. With this tool you can heal the sick, open and close doors. The tool is called Faith. “And after eight days again his …

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