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Building, nurturing an agile workforce for the future

Guest Column: Emmanuel Zvada Business environments are increasingly becoming more complex and volatile. To react speedily and effectively, organisations are supposed to place the brightest minds in the right positions and at the right time. The most productive employees are those who are happy, enjoy their work as well as …

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Inflation: The horses have bolted Mr President!

WHEN Zimbabwe gained independence from colonial rule on April 18, 1980 and when the new born country replaced the Rhodesian dollar with the Zimbabwean dollar, that currency was initially more valuable than the United States dollar and inflation at the time was at 7%. In reality, however, the 7% inflation …

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Editorial: Govt shilly-shallying threatening Zimdollar sustainability

ON June 24, through Statutory Instrument 142 of 2019, government boldly declared “the Zimbabwe dollar… the sole legal tender in Zimbabwe in all transactions”. But worryingly, and curiously, the same government has been giving special dispensation for certain sectors allowing them to trade in foreign currency. NewsDay Comment First it …

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It is time to panic, a little

I THINK it was 1992, the season started badly and as it progressed the heat increased until we were experiencing temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius in the lowveld. We had a business there and my son was down there living and working. It got so hot that we closed the …

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Trust: Key to economic recovery, social cohesion

IMAGINE a village headman wakes up one morning to terrorise his villagers because he feels his power is threatened by growing dissent. Many lives are lost living behind orphans, widows and widowers. Those who survived carry scars from loss of loved ones and the injuries sustained during violence. Destitution is …

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Hermetic grain bags can trim post-harvest losses

Sifelani Tsiko Agric, Environment & Innovations EditorFood waste and spoilage is one of the most overlooked issues among smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. Most smallholder farmers still lack basic knowledge about post-harvest losses and how to tackle them. Support to enhance their post-harvest management capacity is still largely lacking and this …

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Fighting misery, oppression through art

Elliot Ziwira At the BookstoreWHEN the heart bleeds, the mind burdened and the soul is weighed down by suffering, the body becomes emaciated and enervated. It is during such times that reality and the metaphysical become intertwined with the symbolic elements that make up Man’s world, to create interfaces of …

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Electricity sharing augurs well for SADC

Stephen Mpofu CorrespondentZimbabweans are worried about the low levels of water in Kariba Dam which has seriously reduced power generation for countrywide distribution to sustain normal economic and social activities. What is more, firewood as an alternative source of domestic power has also become a no-touch environmental resource apparently, so …

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Roadmap towards economic recovery

Simon Bere CorrespondentFor a country regarded as one with probably the highest literacy levels on the continent to be entangled in a devastating economic situation for close to 20 years is a big misnomer, if not a slap in the face of education. The main purpose of education is supposedly …

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