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Who Can a Penniless #Zimbabwe Pensioner Turn To?

Who Can a Penniless #Zimbabwe Pensioner Turn To?  An elderly couple, aged 78 & 76 years old who were born in the UK, approached the UK embassy to ask for assistance and were referred by them to us. They have a small amount of money left and know when this …

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Are #Zimbabwe Citizens the Best Educated idiots?

Zimbabweans love myths. One of the proofs is the popularity of the suave, sharply-dressed salesmen promising them everything they pray for. Like Mugabe. Here we bump into one of the great myths of our age: ‘Zimbabweans are the best-educated people in Africa’. If this was ever true it is surely …

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Open Letter to #Zimbabwe Prophet Makandiwa

Prophet Makandiwa I followed you from Hebron not so that I may see you become a fallen hero. Repent and give your life back to Jesus Christ, baba leave the occult world. If you repent I am willing to continue following you, i know God had called you but only …

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If Elected, #Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Promises to Give Land Back to Displaced #Zimbabwe White Farmers

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirayi: If I beat Mugabe in 2018 presidential elections, I will give back land to white farmers Leaked fundraising speech by Morgan Tsvangirai addressed to Zimbabwe white farmers who have resettled in England after Mugabe repossessed their land. Respected and honourable Zimbabweans I am pleased to …

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