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Essential services must be cushioned against fuel crisis

THE fuel crisis in the country is slowly deepening and spreading to other facets of society, with the City of Harare warning that it may not be able to collect waste in the city’s neighbourhoods’ as its refuse collection trucks were now grounded. Editorial Comment Such a development clearly demonstrates …

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3 reasons why the Gabon coup failed

Military coup drums continue to beat on the African continent in 2019. At 4:30am on January 7, Lieutenant Kelly Odong Obiang, leader of the Patriotic Youth Movement of the Gabonese Defence and Security Forces, and a handful of soldiers stormed the TV and radio station in Libreville, Gabon, to announce …

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Reviving the ‘New Zimbabwe’ dream

As Zimbabweans enter the gates of 2019 from a forgettable festive season, probably the worst in the past decade, uncertainty abounds about President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Guest column: Vivid Gwede Zimbabweans are deeply concerned about the rapid deterioration in the economy since November 2017. But what would have been the …

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Full fuel audit required to explain demand

The extraordinarily sharp increase in fuel consumption between June and November last year we report on today and the mess witnessed with fuel queues cry out for detailed audits by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Zera, the energy regulator, with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority involved when necessary. It would be …

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Putting the ‘honey’ in Manyuchi Dam

George Maponga Senior ReporterMwenezi West National Assembly member Cde Priscilla Moyo has called on investors to fully exploit the underutilised Manyuchi Dam which she said was critical to the socio-economic development of the remote and underdeveloped constituency. The constituency is arguably one of the least developed in Masvingo province as …

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Masiyiwa’s call for removal of Zim sanctions justified

Christopher Makaza CorrespondentThe MDC and other mean-minded elements continue to exhibit highly disingenuous thinking where anyone who is against Western sanctions against Zimbabwe and calls for their removal, is automatically viewed as either a dull or ZANU-PF supporter. With this kind of mentality, we are going nowhere, and it means …

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Reducing the risks (and costs) of fighting fall armyworm

Melanie Bateman CorrespondentThe caterpillars of the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda), an invasive moth, can potentially feed on over 350 different species of plants. In the Americas it’s known as a serious pest. It destroys crops of maize, rice, sorghum, sugar cane, peanuts, soyabean and non-food crops such as cotton. In …

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Running a country is more than just mantras

AS I watch children going to school yesterday morning, I could not help, but be troubled by how few they were – an indication that a huge number of them will not be going due to unaffordable school fees, uniforms and stationery – thus a whole generation will be denied …

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US$ is not at par with bond note, period!

Government’s continued insistence that its surrogate bond note currency and real time gross settlement (RTGS) bank balances have the same value with the United States dollar is unfathomable. Editorial Comment It boggles the mind why President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime is ordering businesses not to sell their products in the US$ …

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