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What happened to Bishop Trevor Manhanga?

What happened to Bishop Trevor Manhanga? When I went to Mutare in 1997 to pursue my studies at Africa University, I needed a spiritual home in the eastern border city. A pastor in Harare, the Late Pastor Nyamanhindi referred me to Victory Tabernacle, near Mutare Girl’s High. Bishop Manhanga was …

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The rise and fall of #Zimbabwe politician Emerson Mnangagwa.

The rise and fall of Emerson Mnangagwa. For the 37 years he has ruled Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe has never liked to see anyone with clear presidential ambitions deputizing him. He has repeatedly labelled people with presidential ambitions ‘witches’ preferring a litany of charges on some, ranging from treason, terrorism, …

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Lobola (dowry, or the bride price) abuse must fall!

Lobola (dowry, or the bride price) abuse must fall! There was a time when cattle were African form of currency, and every family had some cattle. Back in those days lobola of +/- 8 cows depending on the culture was very affordable, even by the poorest of the poor. Then …

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The Murder Of Missionaries In Rhodesia

Whilst we can laugh and joke; let us never forget those who suffered and died..ELIM MISSION MASSACRE 23/6/1978..39 years ago today. Guerrillas crossed the border, from their base in Mozambique, Cowardly satanic whores, trained well to kill the meek. Christendom, the word of God, was communist’s enemy. From this land …

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