Chamisa denigrates Zim Bird

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MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa yesterday chose a wrong occasion to attack national symbols on Twitter when he posted a message saying the country should remove the Zimbabwe Bird on the national flag.

Posting on his Twitter account, Mr Chamisa said: “That Zimbabwean bird symbol is part of our problem. We must deal with institutional idolatry.”

Responding to the tweet, Zimbabweans savaged Mr Chamisa for his misplaced and aimless statement.

Below are some of the responses that Mr Chamisa received:

@shingaiRndoro said: “Vanoda Abrahamic God chete kaava. Vakarohwa nenyundo. They are so alien 2 the symbols of nationhood that they prefer the imagery of a Jewish people & their monstrous, vile, murderous & capricious whose son asked 2 be remembered thru ritual.”

@freemanchari said: “This is not true. As a nation we must be proud to tell our history and heritage. Those birds have a special meaning just like the ark of the covenant in Israel. Our problems have nothing to do with that bird.”

@gushaz_said: “The National Flag and the Coat of Arms are a representation of our identity as a nation. The soapstone bird in particular REPRESENTS the one found at the Great Zimbabwe ruins and it SYMBOLISES the history of Zimbabwe, there is nothing wrong with our heritage, try somewhere else.”

@zenkobs said: “Nelson, if you want to reach to every citizen of Zimbabwe don’t mix politics with Christianity or religion, politics affects everything to do with our everyday lives, the latter is a personal choice.”

@charleserenesto said: “Mufundisi mukaita dambudziko rekuti everything is spiritual mmmm pachanetsa. Scripture tells us that those who fear idols are worse because you are the one who has made it to be something that has power and yet its nothing just bt a symbol . . . 1 Cor 8 read it all of it.”

@ForChamisa said: “I disagree with this. Be careful about bringing extreme religious doctrine into politics. Majority of your supporters may profess to be Christians, but a great number are NOT. Even among Christians doctrine, dogma and practice differs!”

Facebook was also blazing with comments criticising Chamisa for his stance.

Conway Tutani posted on his Facebook account: “That Zimbabwe Bird symbol is part of our problem. We must deal with institutional idolatry,” says Mr Chamisa. Really?

“The US has the Bald-Eagle as its national symbol, Britain has the Lion. So, what’s idolatry about the Zimbabwe Bird, Mr Chamisa?”

Warship Dumba posted: “Forgive the boy. Something is hounding him”.

Source : The Herald

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