Chamisa needs better advisers

Ranson Madzamba Correspondent
I always say politics is not for short-term schemers and this is proving true indeed. At a time the majority of Zimbabweans are having their brains full to find ways on how the economy can be mended, someone in the name of a political party president is planning a march to State House to remove a democratically elected President.

At this point in time when the likes of Strive Masiyiwa, among other business gurus in the country, are crying out to the West to remove the illegal sanctions imposed on us, someone has nothing to offer except to say let us march to State House.

One wonders if marching to State House has anything to do with the economics of the country. The time to select a leader is now a closed chapter for the next five years. This is the time for business. This is indeed the time to find ways and strategies on how to empower the majority of the youths who are educated and unemployed.

It is time to preach peace and development. The elections were held and a leader was chosen. Chamisa initially refuted the results of the harmonised elections and approached the Constitutional Court. The court ruled in favour of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and here we are, he is now our President. This what democracy is all about. Now that Mr Chamisa is suggesting to go the unconstitutional and undemocratic it’s a big shame to him and the party as a whole.

This is what he said during the 19th anniversary celebrations of his party the MDC-T at Gwanzura Stadium in Harare:

“We are going to be organising ourselves internally, then we go to programmes we want to do throughout the country from next week. I will be going to every area where I will be setting out the plan, something big in this country. Hold your cards on the intended march to State House from this venue.”

All people want is a better life where all basic commodities are affordable for everyone and fuel is not a problem. This is no longer an issue of power but of the economy. Chamisa requires better advisors for this is the time he is supposed to work on better economic programmes to lure more supporters, come election time in 2023. The people have voted and the justice system has endorsed President Mnangagwa as the President of Zimbabwe. This is so because politics is a game of numbers and the majority favoured him.

It is actually good we have everyone on board in this fight against corruption and for the good of our economy. By just starting the war against corruption, Mr Chamisa will have more political mileage than a mere walk to State House.

Mr Tsvangirai once called for it and it did not work, for it was undemocratic and unconstitutional. Let us respect the rule of law and find other ways to gain political power without affecting the well-being of the majority of the people. Zimbabweans are peace-loving people and let us not disturb the peace that is prevailing in the country.

It boggles my mind how the MDC-T would want to make it in the elections whilst they are invisible in almost all the rural areas where the majority of people live. This is the right time to re-strategise rather than trying to fight the people’s favourite. Fighting sanctions is what we need now. Fighting corruption and incompetence is what we need Zimbabweans. Time is not on our side; let us build our Zimbabwe for our own good and generations to come.

Yes, we know the actions of the wounded lion are dangerous but I would suggest Mr Chamisa focuses on issues to do with the economy than having sleepless nights forging ways to be on the throne. This is not time for politicking. The issue is not about political expediency but rather about our economy and the well-being of the majority of the people.

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