Chamisa the Biggest Loser of 2018 Elections

Zimbabwe’s July 30, 2018 elections have come and gone and the Constitutional Court on August 24 buttressed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)’s position that President Mnangagwa was the winner.

The inauguration took place on August 26.

In all this, there is one person who is bitter to the bone marrow and he is none other than the MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, who happens to be the biggest loser of this plebiscite on all fronts.

Chamisa thought he was the smart guy in the political game and was enjoying support from malcontents who were expelled from ZANU PF.

These guys were leading him up a garden path to such an extent that he started to practise inspecting a guard of honour mounted by the violent and thuggish Vanguard youths from his MDC faction.

Throughout his campaigns and the infamous 82 rallies, Chamisa was declaring himself the winner of that election without even carrying out any self-introspection.

The electorate was asking itself what his unique selling point (USP) was. Apart from talking about spaghetti roads, rural airports and changing the country’s capital city to Gweru, there was nothing more.

What this means for the misguided Chamisa is that he will be marshalling his legislators from outside the Parliament, which will be the most difficult task to do.

When the election results were announced, Chamisa realised that he had lost the plebiscite to ED, and he could not stomach it and resolved to challenge the outcome in the Constitutional Court.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba and his eight-member bench dismissed the matter with costs after carefully considering it.

Chamisa is now in a double tragedy as he has to bear the burden of the costs of the petition to the tune of US$3 million in addition to dealing with his electoral loss.

As if the Constitutional Court appeal was not enough, Chamisa has decided to take his case to the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR), popularly known as the Banjul Commission, to challenge the August 24, 2018 Constitutional Court ruling.

In his typical statesman demeanour, President Mnangagwa said: “I once again reiterate my call for peace and unity above all. Nelson Chamisa, my door is open and my arms are outstretched, we are one nation and we must put our nation first.

“Let us all put our differences behind us. It’s time to move forward together.”

Unlike Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in Kenya, Chamisa refused to accept the olive branch which was extended to him by President Mnangagwa and focus on national issues as one family.

Chamisa remains adamant that he won the election when it is clear that he was nowhere near victory.

To make matters worse, Chamisa refused to attend the inauguration ceremony despite being invited – kuita chiramwa chegurwe chekubva ratozvidambura makumbo asi mangwana richazoda kufamba. MDC-T leader Dr Thokozani Khupe showed maturity by embracing President Mnangagwa’s victory and she led her party’s delegation to the inauguration ceremony, a gesture that attracted applause and appreciation from attendees.

Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) leader Dr Nkosana Moyo, in a display of maturity twitted that: “Whilst it must be clear that APA firmly stood against the unconstitutional takeover of power, we nonetheless acknowledge that an election has taken place on the basis of which the Constitutional Court has affirmed President Mnangagwa’s win as indicative of the will of the people.”

Financially, Chamisa is broke as the MDC-T has indicated that it would shortly commence proceedings against him and his faction to return the US$1,8 million which he erroneously received under the Political Parties Finance Act.

Instead, the money should have been channelled to Dr Khupe as she is the legitimate MDC-T leader.

Time will tell how Chamisa is going to deal with all these odds ranged against him.

Zimbabweans will also be watching how he is going to spend the next five years awaiting the next harmonised polls.

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