Chamisa’s worrying inconsistencies

MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa has been a man of shocking inconsistencies over the past three or four months, but this is not surprising especially that his campaign has been fed from controversy bordering on making absurd promises and a spirited attack on women.

His penchant for attention can be traced in some of his contradicting utterances: 1. “ED is refusing to meet me”, 3 days later, “ED is begging me” 2. “ED rigged elections for Zanu.”

Now these statements looked at in isolation  begin to reveal something about the person who utters them when you combine them or look at them jointly.

I am not a psychologist and have very little understanding of medical stuff but this is a classic example of a split personality or multiple personality disorder.

If ED rigged elections for Zanu-PF as claimed by Chamisa, how on God’s good earth did he then fail to rig for his own victory?

How could he let himself lose elections at some point if he was a master in the art of rigging as claimed by some members of the opposition? How did he let the ignominy of losing elections haunt him if he could rig at national level?

Honestly a person who can rig a whole Presidential election can’t fail to rig a constituency election. It just doesn’t make sense.

Now let’s go to the other issue: ED has refused to meet me. Chamisa claims that he wrote ED a private letter and he made it public, he further says ED should have met him when he became MDC leader, then hardly three days later we have a volte-face and it is the same ED who is begging to meet Chamisa.

Honestly does it make sense? Should it not be cause for concern to all right thinking citizens? These contradicting statements made by a presidential candidate surely destroys his credibility.

How does the man who has refused to meet Chamisa suddenly start begging to meet him? All these major contradictions point out that Chamisa is incapable of holding public office and cannot be trusted as president.

The statement that this is a junta government is out of the ordinary and wrong. Chamisa witnessed the swearing in of the current Government, actually he attended the swearing in of President Mnangagwa as a sign of recognition and went further and defended the Government on national radio pointing out that it got into power constitutionally.

In terms of democracy, the current Government has taken full strides, it has allowed opposition parties to campaign and demonstrate as provided for by the constitution of the country.

This current Government has been described by many citizens as the listening Government. Surely the claims by Chamisa that this is a junta government cannot be substantiated.

A reasonable citizen would ask this question, how is it a junta government when opposition parties actually march against an independent electoral.

This currentGovernment which is led by President Mnangagwa has given political freedoms to all political parties and these have been equally enjoyed by all political parties. The media has been freed for all the parties. But the opposition has proved beyond any aorta of doubt that it is bankrupt.

Anyone who has been living in Zimbabwe cannot fail to see the seismic shift from an oppressed system that Zimbabwe was living under to a more democratic society that it is today, where civil liberties are observed to every citizen’s satisfaction.

A junta government is defined as a military government, or dictatorship or rule by the militia. Such definition does not exist in Zimbabwe as claimed by some political parties. How on God’s good earth does a constitutionally formed Government become a military dictatorship?

It is clear that Chamisa is surely a bag of contradictions, a composition of fallacies, it’s now pathetically clear for all and sundry that he is going nowhere.

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