Charamba blast Madhuku over Grace assassination

HARARE – Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba has ripped into opposition NCA leader Lovemore Madhuku after he warned that First Lady Grace Mugabe was a potential candidate for assassination the day her powerful husband dies.

Speaking at a Sapes Trust panel discussion Thursday, Madhuku condemned Grace’s perceived manoeuvres to succeed her husband, President Robert Mugabe.

The University of Zimbabwe professor said Grace was pitching her ambitions way too high and beyond what her backers, believed to be Emmerson Mnangagwa sympathisers, had in mind for her.

He warned that Grace was pushing her luck too far and, unconsciously, placing a bounty for her own violent elimination which could be cashed in moments after her husband’s protection, is suddenly removed, through a Mugabe death.

“Grace would be killed. It’s a very sad thing… Grace would be assassinated when her husband dies; it won’t take time,” said Madhuku.

“It would be a matter of seconds, she will be killed. As soon as Mugabe dies, I would advise the military that she needs maximum security in this country.”

Madhuku sarcastically called for ‘maximum’ prayers by all Zimbabweans directed at Grace.

But Charamba took issue with Madhuku’s claims, saying the Constitutional law expert was experiencing nightmares.

“Unless Madhuku is the assassin,” Charamba said, “I have absolutely no reason to follow his nightmare; he has slept at the wrong time and you know if you sleep during daytime you develop nightmares.”

Charamba also condemned Madhuku for declaring his generation would not allow President Mugabe to perpetuate his influence through installing his wife as the next country’s next leader.

Madhuku said this was apparent in Grace’s whirlwind tour of the country and the savage attacks she was making against potential heirs to Mugabe’s job.

Said Madhuku: “We will go to war if Grace wakes up being President.”

Charamba responded: “If you look at the context of that statement, you realise that he is not talking about Mugabe the person, he is talking about a species of politics which is nationalistic, which accepts our sovereign right to our resources.

“That is what Madhuku says should never repeat itself in leadership of this country and that takes a lot, not in the prayer room as he claims.

“It takes politics of contestation for power which means the only way he can stop a Mugabe alike politician is by winning (power) from Zanu PF.”

Charamba said Madhuku’s newly transformed political party has performed dismally during by-elections and he never stood any opportunity to dislodge Mugabe.

“What gives such a person a platform to make any utterances about this country? On what basis!

“Here is a professor who has gone ordinary, too ordinary if you want.”

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