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Charles Mungoshi can speak again!…Veteran author’s surgery successful

Charles Mungoshi

Charles Mungoshi

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Veteran author Charles Mungoshi was on Tuesday discharged from hospital after undergoing successful surgery last Thursday. His wife Jessesi yesterday said the writer, who could no longer speak, said his first words after many years. “He can now speak. I am excited about it. He still has to fully recover, but he is now at home. The doctors said he has to rest for about two weeks before he can talk to many people, so you cannot see him today,” she said

“We hope he will fully recover soon and be able to do many things he used to do. At the moment some of the words are hardly audible, but there is a great improvement in his voice. Before the operation, he could not speak at all.”

The author’s condition was a result of fluid that had accumulated in his head and affected his brain, crippling his voice and mobility.

He had a shunt inserted last year to drain the fluid to his stomach but it failed to work properly. The surgery done last Thursday was to replace the shunt.

The surgery was made possible after well-wishers and stakeholders in the arts industry responded to a plea for funds from the family.

The fundraising campaign began in February and there is still need for more money for post-surgery processes.

Last week, some people spread fake news about the author’s death and the family was disturbed by the evil intention. Many literature followers will be looking forward to Mungoshi’s full recovery and more books from the veteran author.

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