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Chief Secretary mourns Kuwaza

Dr Misheck Sibanda

Dr Misheck Sibanda

Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda has extended his condolences to the Kuwaza family following the tragic death of former State Procurement Board (SPB) chairperson Mr Charles Tawonerera Kuwaza last week. Mr Kuwaza died on the spot on April 18, in a case of suspected suicide after he reportedly jumped from the 9th floor of Club Chambers building in central Harare.

In a statement yesterday, Dr Sibanda described Kuwaza’s death as a sad loss.

“On behalf of the entire civil service and indeed of my own family, I wish to express our profound condolences to Amai Kuwaza and the whole family, following the tragic departure of Charles Tawonerera Kuwaza on the 18th of April 2017,” he said.

“In Charles Kuwaza, we have indeed lost an esteemed colleague and friend, who made an immense contribution for the successful operation of the entirety of Government during his illustrious career.

“Most notably, he served in the Office of the President and Cabinet as Head of Administration, where he played a crucial role in facilitating the proper functioning of the Office of the President and Cabinet.

“He was subsequently appointed as Secretary for Defence, and later as Senior Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, where he presided over the enhancement of Treasury systems.”

Dr Sibanda said Kuwaza had also served as the first executive chairman of the State Procurement Board, where he once again, acquitted himself well.

“When the current reform of the public procurement system commenced, he provided important insights to the whole process,” he said.

“Upon leaving the Tender Board we, however, learnt that the police were investigating him on corporate governance related issues.

“That notwithstanding, Charles Kuwaza remains in our hearts a dear and highly esteemed colleague, whose tragic departure certainly came to us as a great shock.

“We shall miss his buoyant personality, his forthrightness and principled stance in defence of professionalism, equity and fair play.

“To Amai Kuwaza, the children, and all the relatives and friends, may the good Lord grant you the fortitude of mind and body as you come to terms with this fateful occurrence.”

Kuwaza was buried at Glen Forest Memorial Park last week.

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