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Chigubhu plans one-man show

Clive Chigubhu

Clive Chigubhu

Kiyapili Sibanda, Showbiz Reporter
BULAWAYO stand-up comedian Clive Chigubhu, who has been keeping a low profile, gave a polished act at the Rainbow Comedy Show held at a Bulawayo hotel on Saturday despite the poor attendance.

Chigubhu dished out new jokes, something he said fellow comedians needed to emulate as one’s set should never be predictable.

The talented comedian said he was working on a one-man stand-up comedy show.

“I’m working on my one-man show, the first one after three years. It’ll definitely be done in Bulawayo and people should look forward to it as it’ll unite every tribe and race in the country,” Chigubhu said.

He said since Bulawayo is the country’s hub of arts, it was high time local artistes lure the corporate world to invest in them so that their art pays them at the end of the day.

“Local comedians need to convince corporates to invest in comedy. In countries like South Africa, corporates invest heavily in their comedians and we also need that financial support because comedy is now a business,” he said.

Chigubhu is working with Simba da Comedian on comedy video clips which they hope will change the face of comedy as their work will be more visible on various platforms.

“I’m working with Clive on comedy clips and we’ll release them on social media as we want diverse audiences to be able to see our work. This will certainly change the face of comedy in the sense that we’ll be appealing to a bigger audience,” said Simba.

Chigubhu said the coming of Skyz Metro FM had boosted his career as he was given a platform to showcase his works to the greater part of Bulawayo.


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