Chigwedere wins order to force son to undergo DNA test

FORMER Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere, who is embroiled in a nasty witchcraft saga with his son Mangwiza, has obtained a court order compelling him to undergo DNA paternity tests.


Chigwedere in February filed an application for paternity tests, saying he wanted to prevent Mangwiza from benefiting from his estate in the event of his death as he denied being the latter’s biological father.

In her determination on July 9, 2018, High Court judge Justice Ester Muremba ruled in Chigwedere’s favour and ordered Mangwiza to submit himself for DNA tests.

“The respondent [Mangwiza] be and is hereby ordered to submit with the applicant [Chigwedere] to DNA tests for purpose of determining the respondent’s paternity within 15 days from the date of this order,” Justice Muremba said.

“The DNA tests shall be conducted by two suitably qualified health institutions in Harare of respondent’s own choice and the applicant to pay costs of the DNA tests and respondent’s travelling costs.”

In his application, Chigwedere had said: “On July 24, 2017, I instituted proceedings in this honourable court under case number HC6752, wherein I made an application to compel the respondent [Mangwiza] to undergo DNA tests with myself to determine whether or not I am biological father, and him my biological son.

“Among the various reasons that prompted myself to approach the honourable court for such relief is the fact that the respondent’s birth, childhood and adulthood have always been surrounded with various family issues, which always cast suspicion and doubt on whether or not he is my biological son. Sadly, it has now become critical that the issue be resolved as we both now have competing rights and interests regarding the devolution of my estate in the event of my demise.”

In his initial response, Mangwiza had argued he was prepared to go through the procedure, but later said he would rather not do the same under the terms and conditions set out by his father.

He claimed the former minister was capable of manipulating the results, him being a powerful politician.

At one point, Mangwiza came out guns blazing, accusing his father of attempting to overshadow the family’s primary priority of seeking to conduct a cleansing ceremony by compelling him to undergo paternity tests.


“I have accepted that paternity tests be carried out and am not worried or concerned about the infringement of privacy on my part as there is nothing to lose in knowing who my father is and would be a relief knowing he is not my father due to his atrocities of his very own blood, of me and family through cruelty of the highest degree using unnatural means and hopefully he does the same when the time for vetting and cleansing comes as he is running away from that …” Mangwiza said.

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