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Chikwinya vows to battle Kwekwe machete gangs

NEWLY-ELECTED Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya (MDC Alliance) has vowed to confront head-on youths moving around attacking residents with machetes over politics and mineral resources in and around Kwekwe, but enjoying impunity because of their alleged links to Zanu PF.

By Brenna Matendere

Speaking to Southern Eye, Chikwinya vowed to end the lawlessness, saying: “Mbizo now deserves peace”.

He added: “We can’t be counting bodies every month and injuries everyday from people we are aware of.

“During my door-to-door campaigns, I heard of sex workers at Mbizo 4 shops who are raped at machete-point by people they can identify, but they are afraid to report them to the police because they will not be arrested.

“This is what I will fight against in the next five years.”

The outspoken legislator said there were two options available to him as he tries to sanitise Mbizo.

“The first is to name and shame the culprits. The second option is to engage the Zanu PF local leadership. The electorate made a statement on July 30 and the statement was to the effect that they do not tolerate a leadership that provides homage to thuggery and murderers,” Chikwinya said.

“Mbizo has recorded a death rate of close to three people per month in the past six months due to machete violence. The machete-wielding youths are largely gold panners who enjoy impunity provided by the Zanu PF leadership in Kwekwe and so this is what I want to fight against.”

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