Chinamwari now a commercial enterprise

Nyore Madzianike Senior Lifestyle Writer
It is an age-old tradition that has transcended across generations and now has many versions and visions; each time giving more depth and trajectory intimacy and indeed giving new meaning to love and the art of keeping it intact.

Myth and mystery has been its character, and so is belief and disbelief but at the end, it has become some factory of love antics that one cannot afford to ignore. A spouse who fails to measure up to his or her partner’s expectations between the sheets and beyond may shoulder the risk of endangering their matrimony.

Impotence in bed might send clearly scripted invitations to infidelity in a relationship from both partners as they seek to satisfy their sexual desires.

Herbs believed to enhance the size of the male sexual organ were often taken or prescribed to men or boys as a matter of course to cure the failures in bed.

Some sexually active men have turned to some type of food stuffs believed to be able to increase virility.
Yesteryears, women on the other hand, usually went for ‘lessons’ from their aunties, who taught them on how to please their partners in bed.

In some cultures like the Chewa, Lemba, Shangaan, Ngoni, Venda, Tonga, Nsenga and Tambuka they practice what is known as Chinamwari-a traditional way whereby young people who have reached puberty are taken into camp and taught about adult life.

Because of positive results that are reportedly yielded and posted from Chinamwari camps after undertaking the rituals, the practice has been exported and has since escalated to other places around the country.

The advent of urbanisation has also seen Chinamwari finding its way into the cities, where demand for such lessons is ever increasing with each passing day.

Seeing the rising demand for such lessons, innovative and enterprising women, who claim to be experts in that field, have started offering teaching lessons in return of a fee.

In other words, these women in Harare have since opened ‘colleges’ where they offer lessons on how women can improve their stamina between the sheets.

Chinamwari has since been commercialised to the extent that the teachers are now demanding the greenback from ladies who patronise their learning institutions.

When pole dancer, Zoey Sifelani, launched her Chinamwari academy in Avondale, Harare, where she was giving tutorials on sex, many a people ridiculed and called her names.

But, she went on record announcing the boom in her new found business where she was drawing customers from as far as South Africa.

“I now have clients outside the country, with South Africa being my new base.
“There are a number of people, who are now hiring me in Johannesburg and Cape Town to teach them how to spice their bedroom acts,” Zoey was quoted as saying.

The raunchy dancer had discovered a niche market in which many had not realised that it had sweet retains.
Today, there are many learning institutions which are spouting, not only in Harare, but around the country’s towns and cities.
Owners of these schools have gone a notch up in as far as luring ‘students’ to enroll with them, as catchy adverts have been thrown around on social media.

One Blackrose, who boast of an academy running in Uplands, Waterfalls said they have moved from the old traditional ways of teaching Chinamwari to suit the modern days.

Narrating with a bubbling voice, Blackrose said they offer lessons on cleanliness, sexual enhancement skills, juggling marital and work related affairs-all for US$7 per lesson or equivalent in local currency.

“We also teach women on how to handle their men in bed and ways of satisfying them in bed.
“This is the most important thing to do for married women and it is their secret to a healthy sex life in their matrimonial unions,” she said.

Blackrose said places where they hold their lessons are strictly private and cannot be easily accessed.
She said privacy is sacred at places they operate from.

Chinamwari lessons were often told to involve the use of spikes placed underneath the pelvis on floor to bar the woman from lowering her waist before instructor says so.
But Blackrose said those are things of the past.

“Things have changed big time. We have smarter ways of teaching these women and mostly music makes the day.
“Music motivates the woman and it is where were derive most of the skills from,” she said.

Blackrose said their clients are mainly young and unmarried woman, married woman who have problems in satisfying their hubbies in bed.

She also revealed that many women including some high-ranking professionals in the various Government and private institutions seek for their services.

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The Herald

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