Chipanga promises more fire:I will not be silenced

Sungura musician Hosiah Chipanga says he will not stop releasing more politically-inclined music because his calling is to bring the government to account.Chipanga, who is preparing to release yet another album later this year, said he was not moved by how radio stations are not playing his music because his mission is to tell the truth.

“It is not by choice that I am a musician but because I want to pass messages I get from God and music happens to be the best medium of dissemination,” he said

Last year he released the album titled Gamba which was laden with political connotations, leading to local radio stations not playing any of the tracks, but Chipanga suggested that piracy was now his solace.

“Piracy has become a blessing in disguise and all I hope for is that the message goes further to all parts of the country and I will not stop until the country reclaims its flourishing status,” he said.

However, he insists that his music is merely a way to usher leadership positions into the light and not to mock, although the lyrics often taunt political office occupants, especially those in Zanu PF.

“What happens is that when you have a message that may help the nation tomorrow, you cannot really be stopped by criticism or lack of airplay,” he said.

“As it stands, I can face anyone because I am only trying to assist them [government officials] but they misinterpret my intentions, which are not to offend them but only to help.”

In November last year he registered his own political party under the name The Kingdom of God on Earth and he maintains that this is a way to prove his independence on the political spectrum.

“I stand for the Kingdom of God and I registered the party so that people cannot align me to any particular political party,” Chipanga said.

In the early years of his career, Chipanga was famed for satirical lyrics which tackled social issues and at the turn of the millennium, he had become a regular at Zanu PF-organised music galas.

He became “enemy of the State” when three years ago he posted a rant about bad governance and since then, he has released a number of songs questioning the Zanu PF government.


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