Cross-Border Traders Association president Mr Killer Zivhu address Cross-Border Traders at the unveiling of 15 million cross boarder facility in Chitungwiza yesterday. (Picture by Memory Mangombe)

Chivi Village Zim-Asset Scores Major Successes

Councillors in Chivi Rural District Council have pooled resources together to campaign for President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF in their wards to ensure an overwhelming victory in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

The campaign, being led by Ward 30 Councillor Cde Killer Zivhu, ensures that the councillors assist those who failed to register under the Biometric Voter Registration to acquire identity cards and register in time to be able to vote.

Speaking at a review meeting of the Chivi Village Zim-Asset in Chivi over the weekend, Cde Zivhu said they wanted President Mnangagwa to be guaranteed of victory in the district, a move that would contribute to his national votes.

“During the BVR programme, we mobilised people to go and register, but we realised there are some eligible voters who were left out and that these will still contribute votes to our President if they do so,” he said.

“These are the people we are now targeting. We will help them acquire the requirements for them to register. We are also agreed as councillors that President Mnangagwa should score overwhelming votes in this district.

“As councillors, we have a big role to play by mobilising people in our wards to go out and not only vote, but vote for our President. President Mnangagwa has in the last few months he has been in power demonstrated that he has the future of our country at heart and we want ensure he gets the mandate to continue implementing from the ground he has already laid.”

Cde Zivhu said councillors spent most of the time with people in their wards implementing projects, and they should take advantage of that proximity to the community to tell them of the good that President Mnangagwa is doing for the nation.

Turning to the Chivi Village Zim-Asset programme which he spearheaded, Cde Zivhu said there were notable projects carried out by councillors.

These projects, he said, included construction of schools, roads, weirs, toilets and rehabilitation of roads, bridges and clinics.

Cde Zivhu said the five-year programme had come to an end and councillors were waiting for a new Zanu-PF manifesto to guide them on a new developmental trajec- tory.

“We have come to the end of our Chivi Village Zim-Asset which we launched in 2013,” he said. “As 32 councillors, in conjunction with our council and Government, we have constructed more than 70 classroom blocks in schools and have assisted a number of clinics.

“Over and above the developments in schools, we have constructed roads, built weir dams and we are currently assisting all churches in Chivi to construct toilets and our target is 800 ablution facilities as we seek to address sanitation challenges.

“We are now waiting for the party manifesto, so that we come up with another five-year plan, provided all councillors are voted in. However, I will not seek re-election as a councillor, I think I have done enough.”

Cde Zivhu, who is also the Association of Rural District Councils chairperson and president of the Zimbabwe Local Government Association, said Chivi district was unique as its agenda on development was spot on despite the scarcity of resources.

He said in every ward in the district, councillors helped construct roads or toilets for villagers, especially child-headed and elderly-headed households, and that was an indication the programme was a resounding success.

A villager from Ward 30, Mrs Emily Runesu, hailed Chivi councillors for addressing food security challenges in the district.

“Since the launch of Village Zim-Asset, we have seen councillors assisting us in harnessing water for irrigation,” she said.

“No one died due to lack of food despite our district being prone to droughts.”

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