Chiyangwa just go, this is embarrassing

ZIFA president, Philip Chiyangwa was at his best clutching at straws, justifying his continued stay at the helm of the football governing body.

Chiyangwa had claimed that the Zifa constitution allowed him to remain president for four years and said there was no need to have elections.

To delay the inevitable, Zifa wrote to Fifa for clarity and the response is clear, the body needs to hold elections as early as possible.

Writing to Fifa could have been nothing, but a delaying tactic and now that the football governing body has responded, Zifa should act swiftly.

Any claims that this is a victory for Chiyanga is posturing of the worst kind.

Instead of shadowboxing, fighting real and imagined enemies, it is time Chiyangwa did the right thing and call for elections immediately.

If he is confident of winning, then there is no need to delay the elections any further, but the only reason polls have not been held is because he is afraid of the outcome.

Then there is the matter of Zifa’s very apparent lack of a quorum; that was enough to force Chiyangwa out, but somehow he finds himself holding on.

Facts on the ground are conspiring to force him out, not a third hand that he chooses to fight.

Chiyangwa is not covering himself in glory by his continued stay in power and it is time he does the honourable thing by calling for elections or stepping down.

If he wins, no one will begrudge him for that and he will be respected for doing the right thing, but continuing to stay in power invites ridicule and mockery.

It would be in the best interests of local football if elections are held as soon as possible, which would remove the question of illegitimacy from the Zifa board.

If this is done properly, local football may progress instead of being drowned in endless squabbles.

There is no way Zimbabwe can expect growth in local football if the question of the leadership’s legitimacy is not dealt with. If Chiyangwa has Zifa interests at heart, then he would make way.

Local football has been in the doldrums for a very long time and what it does not need now is a leadership crisis.

We call on Chiyangwato do the right thing and call for elections now, without delay.

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