Chiyangwa, Mliswa clash over ‘Gamatox’ jibe

LUPANE – Flamboyant Harare business mogul and entertainer Philip Chiyangwa today clashed with Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa  over ‘Gamatox’.

The incident happened during Dr Grace Mugabe’s ‘Meet The People rally’ in Lupane, Matabeleland North

Chiyangwa allegedly said “Pasi neGamatox,” angering Mliswa who responded saying “Phidza wakufarisa, ndiani akakupinza musangano?”

Mliswa, finger pointed at Chiyangwa and saying “today you call Mutasa Gamatox?, We will meet in central committee.”

Dydimus Mutasa is Temba Mliswa’s uncle and also Zanu-PF’s administration secretary, sometime this year urged party youths in Mutare to use gamatox (a pesticide that is lethal to humans) against the alleged ‘weevils’ in their party.

Mutasa assumed the nickname ‘Cde Gamatox’ after Mugabe used the funeral of former Cabinet minister and Zanu PF politburo member Nathan Shamurarira to launch a withering attack against Moyo, describing him as the “devil incarnate” and a “weevil” destroying the party from within.

Mutasa then told party youths in Mutare that Moyo had to be expelled to end factionalism.

“You were talking about the issue of weevils here. Way back we used to treat weevils by spraying gamatox (pesticide) and they would all die,” Mutasa said while addressing party youths on Sunday.

“Our weevils, if you know about them, which we are castigating now, please apply gamatox on them. If you do that we will be left with one camp and not to say there is this camp and that camp.”

Mutasa has since been christened ‘Gamatox’ in political circles.

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