Choose life; declare today that you are curse-free

Bishop B.Manjoro Dunamis
Life is likened to a blessing, and curse is likened to death.

When you are blessed even if you don’t have a guava tree, you can still get guavas because you want them. The blessing attracts and empowers to succeed. The curse destroys and empowers to fail.

Deuteronomy 30; 19 reads: “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before your life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore chose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”

In this year of visitation, refuse to be sick, tell God that I want to rejoice and the spirit of infirmity has no power over my life. If sickness knocks at your door, don’t be in a rush to open, rather tell it has knocked on the wrong  door!

I’m not just talking about being sick physically, when God visits, success must be released. No money is allowed to be diseased this year, imagine being paid $2 000 but when schools open you will be begging for fees. That money is sick, but I declare that this year we live like rich people, because where there is little and God touches it, multiplication happens.

Your money is disease free in the name of Jesus’ The devil has no right to tamper around with it anymore. As long as you have it, it’s yours and your Father’s; it will do what you want.

Another kind of sickness is a curse, and it is likened to death, when you are cursed you are dead. Let me explain this further, graves do not produce anything that go to the GMB. Dead people in like manner do not harvest, they touch things with their hands but it doesn’t materialise. What they want to be possible won’t be because it’s for the living.

Being dead before you are dead is not your portion; choose life and the devil from now on must be careful standing in your way. 2019 is our year to get a blessing and live life as we deem necessary according to the word of  God.

Curses come differently, sometimes during birth when a child is born from fighting and quarrelling parents. Even during pregnancy and a mother cries and grieves because of her spouse, the baby hears in the womb as the mother laments that she is only living for it. Those tears do not get to the Lord because they come from an impure heart full of bitterness, and that causes the enemy to hold things for the child.

But enough is enough, the parents fought and made each other cry, and that has nothing to do with you, I’m a child of God, what I desire can’t be decided by those tears. What the elders did in the past has no power over your life, you are alive therefore you have the right to partake in the blessing of Abraham, our father by  faith.

Born in a poor family? Then make a decision to move forward and stop blaming anybody for that. Refuse to be held back by that old and sorrowful life.

Curses are also brought about by people with bad hearts, but I am not ashamed of the gospel, I am what the word says I am and definitely not what anybody thinks. We are tired of ministering continuously to people who love God dearly but are followed by a curse. It must be reversed; it must be broken for today I choose life. It doesn’t matter if kinsfolk utter evil things or throw charms in your yard; we apply the blood of Jesus. The blessing must be on anything you touch, on anything you desire, whoever is reading this article, declare today that you are curse-free.

Some things don’t go because you go to church, part ways with food, the Lord Jesus Christ himself told his disciples that “howbeit it goes not, but by prayer and fasting”. Useless things cause you not to fast, be transformed by the renewal of your mind, change that mentality and sacrifice yourself for your wellbeing. Friend choose life. For with God all things are possible Mark 10:27

Source : The Herald

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