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Details of ZANU PF’s murders and million $ scandals

Corruption: While the nation enjoys this avalanche of excitement over the developments of the ZANU PF in-house squabbles, I just want to kindly remind the nation to step aside and sober up a bit.

First of all VP Mujuru has been pointed at as being very corrupt. If the corruption regarding the Harare Airport duty-free store saga is clearly proven, then she must be accountable. But the issue is that she is not the only one. Her name is just being fished from the house swimming pool of corrupt empty-headed bigwigs through a witch-hunt act.

But here is my concern. Who in ZANU PF is not corrupt? Give me one clean man or woman and I will give you a thousand corrupt people. Many already know Mr. Kembo Mohadi. He has been pointed to as a chief suspect in the murder of a man who slept with his wife. Mohadi has allegedly continued to torment a family whose head of household he allegedly destroyed in cold blood. He also has been notorious for refusing to let go his claim on some Beitbridge companies. Besides High Court orders by Justice Kamocha and Makonese, he has remained determined to take the law into his own hands and he seems to be the law unto himself. That is the way Zimbabwe is at the moment. And he is not the only one.

Obert Mpofu has been pointed to through the High Court case and he has in the past sweated and been shaken by the multi-million dollar saga that saw him pay a law firm and approve a prospecting company when there were no formalities. He allegedly owns 50% of Victoria Falls. He is not the only one.
In the VIP Housing scheme we saw names as follows: Grace Mugabe, Leo Mugabe, Paddington Garwe, Tichaona Jokonya, Bornwell Chakaodza (RIP). They walked free. Then in diamond corruption and scandals we heard of these names: Gideon Gono, Sam Pa, Anjin Investments, Nyasha Mujuru. No one is in jail. That’s Zimbabwe. Fertilizer abuse and scandals we saw Simon Pazvakavambwa and Gideon Gono. In ZISCO we then also heard about Olivia Muchena, Sithembiso Nyoni, Patrick Chinamasa, Tirivanhu Mudariki, Joyce Mujuru, Gibson Munyoro, Gabriel Masanga and Rodwell Rukuno.

Then Bright Matonga and Charles Nherera’s names topped up as professional demolition crew for ZUPCO. Then NOCZIM was allegedly destroyed by Philip Chiyangwa, Oppah Muchinguri, Esau Mupfumi, Fred Kanzama, Enock Porusingazi, Mike Nyambuya and Tinaye Chigudu.

Amai Mugabe had been displacing people in Mazowe, taking land in the name of orphanages and destroying special conservancies. Now she claims she walks on water. And Joseph Chinotimba sees her as an angel. She is not alone.

The corruption allegations on Themba Mliswa that are linked to Billy Reutenbach and then those of Basil Nyabadza and Didymus Mutasa are in their own category. Even President Mugabe’s name came up in the Airport scandal, Grace Mugabe VIP Housing scheme, Joseph Made, Kondozi scandal and fertilizers issue.

Franco Ndambakuwa, Marvelous Khumalo, Cleopas Machacha, Albert Mhlanga all appeared on a Constitutional Development Fund scandal. Christopher Mushohwe would appear in the Kondozi scandal and the University of Zimbabwe academic qualifications scandal. Don’t blame Grace Mugabe alone for the fake PhD. Those who robbed the state through fraudulent claims on war victims’ compensation fund would include the following: Robin Shava, Vivian Mwashita, Perence Shiri, Oppah Rushesha, Reward Marufu, Herbert Mahlaba, Augustine Chihuri and Wilfred Mhanda. Kumbirai Kangai (RIP) would rob the GMB and get away with it but after some sweat. What happened to them? Ask the Head of State. And where is ZACC? LOL.

In any case, the allegations against Mujuru are not the ones causing so many Zimbabweans to run away from home. Mujuru has not caused Harare to be a village with boreholes and firewood smoke. Mujuru has not destroyed Zimbabwe, she is just a powerless VP. Mujuru has not killed the economy or our education system. Mujuru has not ordered white farmers to leave, neither is she the only one with four farms. Mujuru is not the one making the government travel with 290 ministers from Beijing to New York on a spending binge as the country suffers. The biggest question should be, what has Mugabe done to right the wrongs in the economy, poverty alleviation, re-industrialization and improvement of people’s welfare? Why should he state that his ministers are lazy? Since when has he made such an interesting discovery? Where has he been? Who initiates global travel? Who loves Benz? This is cheap talk at a critical hour.

Sadly, we no longer have any opposition in Zimbabwe. Under ongoing flashlights and confusion, it has been dazzled by the leopard’s spots of events at the ZANU PF politiburo and dropped all agenda. It seems like the opposition is now busy discussing on the future of Mujuru and Mutasa instead of canvassing for strategies and support. This MDC N, M,99, Renewal, Tsotso, Istshwala, etc etc has even destroyed Zimbabwe more due to false hope.

ZANU PF is enjoying an unprecedented monopoly. The opposition’s confusion is a trigger to its success but Mujuru is just a sacrificial lamb. In any case her allegations are not a license for a renewed Mugabe rule because given one more decade; we will be behind Somalia standards if not in the Stone Age. Even donkeys and goats will be seen in Harare shopping malls as people sell meat and water on the streets. At Mugabe’s pace of destroying Zimbabwe, even ox-drawn scotchcarts will be roaming the city. Mugabe travels widely and enjoys the comfort of other countries. His pain and malice is in bringing that same comfort to his small country called Zimbabwe. No wonder why the Chinese build better infrastructure in Angola and Ethiopia. It is because they consider how committed a national leadership is before they can help with real aid. Please leave VP Mujuru alone. She is not the only one. You are a corrupt bunch in ZANU PF.

Murder: And ZANU is known for its Elliot Manyika’s famed slogan, “ZANU ndeye ropa.” They kill!

Government officials have historically been involved in road accidents, some of which have been fatal.

Below is a timeline of the accidents.

 Outspoken Guruve South MP Edward Chindori-Chininga was in June 2013 involved in a road accident that claimed his life.

General Josiah Magama Tongogara (1979) — Zanla Commander. Died in Mozambique on the eve of independence on December 26, 1979 in a mysterious car accident and was reburied in Zimbabwe on August 11, 1981.

William Ndangana (1989) —Senior Zanu PF member — died near Nyazura in a suspicious car accident on June 27, 1989.

Sydney Malunga (1994) — Outspoken Member of Parliament for Bulawayo’s Mpopoma constituency died on August 28, 1994 in a car accident as he tried to avoid hitting “a black dog”.

Christopher Ushewokunze (1994) — A prolific lawyer, economist and Zanu PF government minister was killed in a car crash on January 17, 1994 near Suri Suri in Chegutu.

Witness Rukarwa (1995) — Mashonaland West governor died in a mysterious car crash in 1995. His death was linked to feuding
within Zanu PF.

Zororo Duri (1996) — He was told not to contest for the chairmanship of Zanu PF Manicaland province against Kumbirai Kangai, but he went ahead and won.

He was appointed ambassador to Cuba, but was killed at the very same spot where Ndangana crashed near Rusape along Mutare-Harare road.

Moven Mahachi (2001) —Then Defence minister and Zanu PF political commissar. He died in a mysterious road accident on May 26, 2001 in Nyanga.

Border Gezi (2001) — Zanu PF political commissar, government minister and MP for Bindura died in a car accident on April 28, 2001, along the Harare-Masvingo Highway.

Brigadier General Paul Armstrong Gunda (2007) — The State claimed he died in a rail-road accident near Watershed College in Marondera.
His wife disputes the facts.

Elliot Manyika (2008) — Zanu PF political commissar. Died on December 6, 2008 at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo due to injuries sustained in a road accident along Zvishavane-Mbalabala road.

Details of the accident have not yet been made public. The family suspects foul play.

General Solomon Mujuru (2011) — First post-Independence Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Armed Forces and husband of Vice-President Joice Mujuru.
Died in a house fire which destroyed his farmhouse near Beatrice.

Cause of fire and circumstances surrounding his death have been contested by family members.

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