City Sports Bar Salutes Tocky Vibes

Several artistes will tomorrow converge at the City Sports Bar in the city centre for a party to celebrate Tocky Vibes’ successful tour of the United Kingdom.

Tocky Vibes reportedly stole the show in the UK last month when he was roped for the tour on the eleventh hour after Soul Jah Love had been denied a visa.

While other musicians were rehearsing for the tour, the “Mhai” hitmaker did not know that he would be required to travel urgently.

When promoters of the tour learnt that Soul Jah Love had been denied a visa, they looked for a replacement and Tocky got the offer.

On February 24 he shared the stage with Ammara Brown, Stunner, Trevor D, ExQ and Charlie Kay in London and reportedly took the man-of-the-night crown.

Mathias Bangure of City Sports Bar said they saw it fir to celebrate with Tocky Vibes who has been out of live show action on local scene for some time.

“Tocky showed them in London that he still has the energy although many people take him as a spent force. We want him to come and prove his mettle at City Sports Bar. He is a talented artiste who brought sanity to Zimdancehall when he introduced thought-provoking lyrics to a genre that was known for vulgar songs and violence,” said Bangure.

“We have invited a number of artistes from various genres to come and perform with Tocky. It will be his day to celebrate and a chance to show local music followers that he still has the trick that made him tick in a foreign land and surpassed his counterparts who are regarded as better than him at the moment.”

Source :

The Herald

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