President Mnangagwa participates during the clean up campaign held at Domboshava Showgrounds yesterday.- (Picture by Mike Muswere)

Clean-up campaign transforms communities

Columbus Mabika Herald Reporter
The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has said the National Environment Cleaning Campaign initiative launched by President Mnangagwa has transformed the face of communities, with many people now adopting cleanliness in their areas.

EMA environmental education and publicity manager Mrs Amkela Sidange told The Herald yesterday ahead of World Clean-Up Day Commemorations set for today that; “the National Cleap-Up programme continues to grow from level to level each month as witnessed by continued increase in participation by Government departments, industry, retailers, civil society, churches, academia, political fraternity, officials, media, traditional leadership, local authorities and non-governmental organisations.

“We must, therefore, be re-oriented to practice good environmental and waste management through increased advocacy, education, training and awareness on the issue.”

Mrs Sidange said apart from promoting a clean environment, the programme was now creating employment too, through the recycling of waste.

She called on citizens to play their part in waste management by recycling products to reduce the use of new raw materials and the accumulation of waste in the environment.

Zimbabwean urban centres are generating about 165 million tonnes of waste per year, the bulk of which ended up in open, illegal dump sites, urban streams and wetlands.

This has often resulted in blocked drainage systems, contaminated surfaces and underground water, there by causing a lot of problems which could be avoided by proper waste disposal.

Mrs Sidange called on the authorities to bring in more programmes aimed at empowering citizens on the benefits of cleanliness.

“Equally, our education institutions are encouraged to scale up environmental awareness programmes within schools and institutions of higher learning, on the importance of respecting the environment and living in harmony with nature,” she said.

“Equipping this future generation with the necessary environmental knowledge and skills will help in mitigating the effects of climate change through environmental restoration and conservation.”

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