Clothes, accessories that men should not be wearing

socks and sandals

ALTHOUGH there has been a rise in male fashion sales and even a rise in the hiring of male models, men still don’t have that yearn for fashion trends, let alone shopping, that women do. Men do care about their appearances greatly, but not to the extent that women do. And in all honesty, that’s probably never going to happen. Despite all the marketing and no matter how many chiselled-jaw models we see on runways and magazines, men would rather be found dead than go shopping for the latest trends.

We are not saying be the next J’something (Micasa) or Craig Zoowie (fashionista), but there are some fashion items that we cannot bear to see you wear anymore. Men’s dressing is mostly influenced by comfortability, however, comfort does not translate to dull, boring and saggy. There are some clothing items than men seem to be struggling to let go of, in spite of the changing seasons.

It does not mean you have to change your entire wardrobe but rather substitute the following items for something more flattering or lookable.

Socks and sandals

This look is tricky because Western magazines deem it is THE fashion forward trend. Unless you are a model for Vogue magazine or the I-don’t-care kind of guy then please make our day in this look. When dressed in sandals and socks it makes one wonder if you are feeling hot or cold. It’s a contradicting look. Rather wear Converse All Stars, they go well together with almost any casual outfit, they are comfortable too. It is a way better look, no comparison to sandals and socks.

Worded t-shirts

These worded t-shirts are just not sexy, especially the “real men wear pink” one. (Do they mean if you are not wearing pink you are not a real man). If you are above the age of 20 please let the worded t-shirts pass you by, we promise you aint missing anything. You can rock a plan t-shirt, a printed one if you really want to stand out or the one with a contrast. Some look good in golf t-shirts, so do wear those.

A fanny pack

This should NEVER EVER HAPPEN! Rather carry a satchel. It is usually the older men when they are on holiday who decide to unleash the fanny pack. Some women are scared to tell their partners how unflattering the fanny pack is so they let their partners be. But a fanny pack belongs in the 90s and should stay there. Invest in a nice leather bag or satchel which you use to carry your things around and still look stylish.

Thick neck ties

A thick neck tie is abominable it makes a man look older than he is, and incredibly outdated. It’s all about the skinny tie which makes one look sleek, sharp, and modern. Instead of the thick neck ties wear a skinny tie in a daring colour or print.

Too tight skinny jeans

The slightly cooler cousin of saggy jeans is the too-tight pair of skinny jeans. Except the too-tight skinny jeans are worse, because they make your man look like he’s trying way too hard. Jeans are not supposed to be saggy or too tight, there should be a balance. When going for a pair of skinnies they should not give you difficulties in walking or shape your junk. So not cool!

Don’t go to the extremes, we get that some of you are fashion conscious and its okay, but your health should come first.

Pinky rings

Only mob bosses and drug lords should be wearing pinky rings. If your man is either of these things, you’ve got bigger problems than bad jewellery choices. Accessories for men are tricky because usually people get the wrong impression of your intentions. Keep your accessories light, a neat cuff or a classic watch should be enough. Rings are almost never flattering on men, except the wedding band.

Soccer jerseys

I know after this a whole lot of guys will be upset lol. But come on, if your team is not playing on that day or you are not going for a match, it’s still allowed to wear other t-shirts, you know. It’s not for women to understand as to why soccer jerseys are that popular but women low key don’t like them and wear them to make their partners happy.


This trend has come and gone and are we not relieved. Unless you are a painter, mechanic, plumber or any other kind of work which will make you dirty. We literally cannot think of one occasion when they would be appropriate — because there isn’t one. Stick to your jeans and chinos, sometimes less is more.

You don’t have to be a fashion guru to dress decent, just keep up with whats going on in terms of fashion. Standing it out is good but not by wearing 2004 fashion trends.


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