Club Owner Bashes Dj Over Payment

Milton Park Bowling Club owner Joseph Chinguwo allegedly bashed DJ Torne (real name Tawanda Nduna) over unpaid performance fees Saturday evening.

DJ Torne had charged RTGS $80 for his services and upon requesting his payment as agreed, he was allegedly thoroughly beaten.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Dj Torne said he was ordered off the premises by a gun wielding Chinguwo.

“I started playing at 12 noon till midnight. Upon asking for my payment the club owner Ginger (Joseph Chinguwo) told me he could not pay me because I had not fulfilled our agreement as in ‘I was supposed to keep playing’, despite the fact that we had agreed I will finish at 10pm.

I kept demanding my money until he hit me very hard in the company of his son. I sustained injuries on the lip and ribs. He told me I could not ask for my money because he was a war veteran. He pointed a gun towards me and ordered me to leave his premises,” he said.

The disc jockey said he reported the matter at Milton Park police station CR number 3980030.

“I had to seek help from a friend. His son too said the same thing that I could not report his dad because he was a Cde and could do anything to me even, making me disappear. Up to now I haven’t been paid. I reported the matter to the police and went to the hospital the following day for treatment and medical report,” he said.

He said Chinguwo later called him apologizing.

The Herald Arts contacted Chinguwo who then professed ignorance as he cut off the telephone.

Earlier last week award winning rapper Tinashe “Ti Gonzi” Gonzara was attacked by robbers on his way home.

The musician was reportedly lured into a taxi by his assailants who later attacked him and left him for dead in Highfield, Harare.

He was discovered by passers-by on Wednesday morning.

Source : The Herald

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