Coalitions: Misery loves company

The Sharp Shooter Vukani Madoda
Surely, if any voter is under the illusion that Zanu-PF will not win the 2018 election they must revisit what these alternative parties are offering.

Listen Morgan, we do not have the bandwidth for your flirtations with Joice and Welshman.

I mean, with everything that is on our plate, for instance Command Agriculture, Command Water Harvesting, Zim-Asset and so on, we surely have no time for grandstanding and show-boating.

We can never be that gullible because for the last 18 years your own supporters know the pain and misery of disillusionment in its entirety.

Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

Seriously, the sight of you and Welshman cuddling and weeping in your prodigal embrace, fooling yourselves that right there in your moment of desperate need you have reached out to find each other amid political oblivion is as nauseating as it gets.

It is one thing to play to the gallery, but at the end of the day it is quite another when your failures as a leader Morgan are on the radar of anyone who cares to vote in next year’s election.

Nobody wants to be thrown under the bus of your coalition pipe-dream because for close to two decades we all know, as much as you do, that it is a no-brainer.

Oh and you with Queen Bee. Morgan mfowethu, what kind of a beehive do you think Zimbabwe has become?

Sometime back, a somewhat savoury description of what happens in the beehive was all over the news.

Remember the vivid narrative in reference to what was going on in the beleaguered ZimPF where its then interim Queen Bee was spewing all sorts of wild accusations against some so-called elders in her party who wanted to assign her a very obscene and vulgar role within the beehive?

What initially seemed like a bit of political fun soon turned into tragicomedy.

Morgan, our political drone, has entered the beehive and all the gory results shall soon be manifest.

Remember, this is Morgan we are talking about. By now I am sure we all know that the Sharpshooter is always vindicated in brutal fashion.

Remember, there are no waves without wind nor is there ever smoke without fire. Joice and Welshman will soon tell us what caused those waves and that smoke.

I am sure vindication is right around the corner and it has nothing to do with coalitions at all.

Only a few weeks back very senior officials within Joice’s political tuck shop, the National People’s Party — spokespersons for that matter — decided to become brawlers.

So understandably there is very grave concern about the kind of leadership that makes up the NPP.

Jealous and Gift, living up to the truism that violence begins where thought ends, did what they do best and one of them ended up in hospital.

Surely, if any voter is under the illusion that Zanu-PF will not win the 2018 election they must revisit what these alternative parties are offering.

We have heard that Zanu-PF rigs elections by violently coercing the electorate to go and vote for them but all the violence we are seeing is coming from the opposition.

By her own admission, Queen Bee led the often-violent Bhora Musango conspiracy.

No one should still be in doubt as to why allegations of violence in Zanu-Pf ended with the ouster of Joice.

Even decorated soldiers no longer die in strange infernos at their own homes.

No more unfortunate Christwishes from Headlands are dying horrible deaths ever since Joice and Didymus were shown the door.

Is this mere coincidence?

If you look at the way Biti and Mangoma were bundled out of the MDC-T, it was violent.

If you recall the shenanigans of the first Nera demonstration, it was violent.

Our opposition parties are a violent lot and there is no running away from that fact.

Ask Ambassador Trudy Stevenson. Ask Peter Guhu. Ask all the opposition victims of violence at the hands of their opposition colleagues.

Zanu-PF is by its nature not a violent party. That is why even now as Saviour looks for a saviour no one has been killed.

Without a doubt, it is the opposition and its facets that are prone to political prostitution, violence and cowardice.

When all is said and done, the electorate know who they will vote for come 2018.

They know that they will remain warm to Zanu-PF and will not be swayed by the collection of miserable politicos that are talking about an opposition coalition.


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