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Collaborations enrich artistes: Mutandwa

GOSPEL musician Tinashe Mutandwa said his partnership with renowned Zimpraise vocalist Ellard Cherayi in the track, Nyaya Iyi, showed that collaborations enriched artistes’ creativity through the interchange of skills.

Nyaya Iyi was released last week.

The Chitungwiza-based musician, who has released a string of singles over the past few years, said he learnt many things through the collaboration.

“You can fully realise your dream when you appreciate other people’s art. I thought I could only make my music fertile by borrowing skills and input from other seasoned artistes. Nyaya Iyi is a track that was inspired by Cherayi’s 2015 performance for Zimpraise in Harare,” he said.

With plans to release the video for the song by end this month, Mutandwa has already started preparations for the shooting.

“The song, Nyaya Iyi seeks to inspire every citizen encountering obstacles in life to pursue their dreams. It tells us that even without resources, and when hopes are seemingly evaporating, there is always God to make everything possible,” he said.

Still relishing his experiences after he performed in Pretoria, South Africa, during the last Easter holiday, the gospel crooner said his other collaboration for the song, He Is Lord, recorded online with Tanzania’s Magoti, further showed the power of working together.

“When Magoti did the cover song for Nara in Swahili, while I sang it in Shona, I decided that we should fuse our cultural diversities to produce a unique product. She was enthralled by the idea and eventually we recorded He is Lord,” Mutandwa said.

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