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College sends STEM ambassadors to Texas

The Rydings College students together with some officials pose for a photo at their send off ceremony

The Rydings College students together with some officials pose for a photo at their send off ceremony

Munyaradzai Chamalimba Cool Lifestyle Correspondent
Forty students from Rydings College who are also STEM Ambassadors left the country on Wednesday for their maiden tour in Houston Texas,USA.

The students are on a mission to be educated and acquire skills to design and programme a wind turbine which can generate electricity among other projects.

This will help the country to re-engineer the way solutions are developed as we confront complex challenges of the 21st century and create a world of opportunities for young people in the field of Science and Technology.

From March 20 to 29 the students will be in class learning and being monitored through virtual learning systems as they build and acquire knowledge on the social community projects, which are key for national development.

Speaking at the send off ceremony, headmaster of the College Mr Jona Kondo shared the long term vision of their project and what they intend to achieve in the near future.

“This is an ongoing exercise and we want to look into issues of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. If we can create engineers of today we can surely create entrepreneurial mindset because they will not be able to find work but they should be able to work for themselves and create opportunities for other young people, thus creating the employment that our country requires

“This crop of students who are currently doing form one to three will champion Rocket Science and the drawn technology, because our ideology is to catch them young in schools and not in University .This means when they get to University they should have made four or five prototypes so that they will be loaded with practical knowledge In sciences and engineering,” he said

He added that every student has a credit card that they will use to get funding for their projects.

One of the students Tsitsi Charuma expressed her joy about the trip and was expectant of the new knowledge she would acquire.

“This is a breakthrough in our studies and it is an opportunity for me and other travelling students to go and learn and acquire knowledge that is of great importance for our communities so that we can become agents of positive change in our communities through innovative and modern scientific means” said Tsitsi

Matifadza Chidovi also shared her expectations and thanked parents and all those who made their trip possible.

“I cannot wait to travel and see how other young people are coming up with creative scientific solutions to problems they are facing. We hear students are making crazy creations that are out of this world and we would like to tap into that technology as well

“I would like to thank our parents who have parted ways with a lot of things just to unlock doors of opportunities in funding this noble idea.

This is a beginning of something great and bigger than us and it will transform the way of life for generations.

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