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Comedienne hits nail on the head on video

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When most people heard the song “Panganayi” from Panganai Hare, they had different perceptions about its message, but comedienne Madam Boss has nailed home a touching message of female abuse through the video of the track.

In outstanding screen appearance, Madam Boss (born Tyra Chikocho) stars in scenes that portray a tormented wife who faces humiliating rejection from her husband.

The way the actress makes her moves and expressions is likely to leave any viewer who is against the abuse of women with feelings of both sympathy and anger

Panganayi is a boss who boasts of having extra-marital affairs in different parts of the country, while his wife pleads with him to see sanity in her love.

In the first scenes of the video, Madam Boss happily prepares to surprise her husband on his birthday.

She prepares a sumptuous meal in addition to a cake for the occasion in anticipation of a happy day for the couple.

She dresses well and puts her house in perfect order in preparation for a party.

When she sees her husband driving into the yard, she jumps with joy and anxiously waits to embrace him. However, when Panganayi gets in, the woman’s heart sinks into utter disappointment.

He pushes her away when she tries to hug him. Surprised, Madam Boss tries to remind him of the special day, but this appears to infuriate him more.

He frowns at the cake and seems to blame the woman who has wholeheartedly prepared a special birthday treat.

When she offers him food, Panganayi takes a small bite of the cake and spits it out in exaggerated annoyance. The scenes create a touching scenario as Madam Boss sinks into humiliation and frustration.

The situation gets worse when the wife discovers a girlfriend’s message in Panganayi’s phone. When she tries to ask, the man snatches away the phone and walks away. He starts singing about his girlfriends in Mutare, Harare and Bulawayo among other places, condemning the tormented heart deeper into anguish.

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