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PICTURE this, you spend close to two decades claiming you are fighting a dictator. The party you belong to, the MDC, has one message and one message only, “Mugabe must go!” Through successive elections you fail to depose the man, Mugabe, till old age renders him susceptible to manipulation by all sorts of shady characters, his loquacious wisfe included.

His party, zanu-pf raises the red flag. The military — who safeguard the Constitution — similarly do so and decide to round up criminals around Mugabe who were exercising executive power that did not vest in them. Some of the criminals flee but the chief culprit, the wife, naturally remains with him.

Your boss dies and you assume leadership of the main opposition by hook and crook, and immediately jump into bed with the same man you claimed you were fighting for 20 years! A man who was given his marching orders not only by his party, but millions of Zimbabweans who peacefully marched in all major urban centres telling him it was time up.

The man tries to stubbornly cling on till all parliamentary parties move to impeach him and he only throws in the towel when the prospect of impeachment looms large.

Now this is the man who tries a comeback by proxy. You willingly become his cat’s paw while masquerading as an independent man representing a new generation, new thinking.

In short, dear reader, this is the story of Mugabe and Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa, leader of the MDC Alliance does not represent the new as he claims. He represents the old, specifically Mugabe as we knew him in his later years. The spent force the nation unanimously retired last November.

Chamisa does not represent the young generation, he is fronting everything the nation tried to forget over the past eight months which is why his campaign message and demeanour remained rooted in the past.

It was not at all coincidental that Mugabe and Chamisa held their Press conferences minutes apart and in clear violation of paragraph 7 of the 4th Schedule of the Electoral Act that prohibits campaigning 48 hours before election day.

It is important to note that in endorsing Chamisa, Mugabe is not saying Chamisa is the best man for the job, he is doing so to spite incumbent President Mnangagwa who frustrated G40 plans to have Mrs Grace succeed her husband.

In throwing their lot with Chamisa, the Mugabe project — the National Patriotic Front — made it clear that they were joining the MDC Alliance in lieu of the vice presidency.

It is quite telling that Chamisa, as green as he is, has not named a vice president though its clear he badly needs help.
We know who incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s deputies are in the party and Government.

We even know the hierarchy of some of the 21 parties vying for the presidency. The question is: Why is Chamisa mum on his deputy or deputies?

The answer was provided by none other than NPF founding member Sarah Mahoka who told Studio 7 earlier this month that they were joining the MDC Alliance in return for a VP slot should the Alliance win.

This explains why the Mugabes have supported Chamisa’s rather dour campaign which became glitzy, complete with billboards, radio and TV advertisements in the final weeks.
The devil, they say, has no free gift.

Do not cast your vote in ignorance. Be sure you know who or what you are voting for today!

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