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Condolences Pour in for National Hero Sikhosana - Zimbabwe Today
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Condolences Pour in for National Hero Sikhosana

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The Zanu PF Youth League has sent a condolence message on the passing on of Zanu PF Politburo member Cde Absolom Sikhosana.

Cde Sikhosana died at United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) on Saturday and has been declared a national hero.

He was 70.

At the time of his death, Cde Sikhosana was acting Zanu PF chairman for Bulawayo Province.

In a statement yesterday, Zanu PF Youth League secretary for information and publicity Cde Yeukai Simbanegavi described the late national hero as a humble, patient and selfless servant leader who devoted his entire life in service to the nation.

She said the Zanu PF Youth League had been shocked by the untimely passing on of one the revolutionary party’s longest-serving and most consistent cadres.

“We do therefore, with heavy hearts, convey and extend our sincerest condolences to all those who worked with, and those who, like us, have had the privilege of benefiting from being in contact with him throughout his illustrious career.

“Even in our sorrow, we celebrate the life and times of Cde Sikhosana, who had risen to become a Zanu PF Politburo member, as a lifetime of milestones in the ideological education of the youth.

“Affectionately known by many as “Cde Nkosi” or “Headmaster”, Cde Sikhosana came to represent the energetic, vibrant, never-say-die spirit of the revolution which to his credit, came to characterise the ZANU PF Youth League,” she said.

Cde Simbanegavi said Cde Sikhosana had grown in stature to become a chaperone to many generations, such that his name will forever remain etched in the collective memory of both young and old alike.

“We sorely grieve over our cruel loss of a down to earth doyen of vanguard revolutionary politics, a humble virtuoso who knew how to get the best out of the Youth League and the nation’s young people.

“Indeed, the virtues of friendliness, patience, loyalty, hard work and honesty are some of the most enduring legacy values he bequeathed to the Zanu PF Youth League and to the nation at large. Our generation has surely been fortunate to have the ‘Headmaster’ as a mentor,” she said.

“As we inexorably march towards achieving President Mnangagwa’s Vision 2030, and as we continue in the fight against adversities such as those posed by illegal sanctions and lately, the Covid-19 scourge, all the Zanu PF Youth League members across Zimbabwe remain emboldened by the indelible imprint left by our affable, indefatigable chaperone and lodestone on our understanding of the role of youth in national defence and development.

“For us, Cde ‘Nkosi’ Absalom ‘Headmaster’ Sikhosana’s status needs no overstatement. He holds in our conjoint revolutionary spirit, the highest honour. He is, and shall always be remembered as, a National Hero for whom we wish eternal peace as he rests,” she said.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF South Africa District has sent a condolence message to President Mnangagwa and the people of Zimbabwe following the death of the party’s Politburo member Cde Sikhosana who died on Saturday and was declared a national hero.

In a statement yesterday, the District’s Information and Publicity department said Cde Sikhosana’s death was a great loss to Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora.

“As we commiserate with the people of Zimbabwe and the Sikhosana family, we celebrate the life of a committed, selfless, and sociable leader who dedicated his entire life to the political and economic emancipation and empowerment of the youth and people of Zimbabwe,” it said.

The District said it benefitted immensely from the late hero.

He would visit the District and advise them on party ideologies and the need to fend off the enemy.

“Zanu PF SA will forever remain indebted to Cde Sikhosana who on most occasions when he was in South Africa would take time off his busy schedule to meet, exchange notes, advise and encourage comrades to remain resilient and committed to the defence of Zanu PF in the face of the onslaught from the opposition and independent media.

“Cde Absolom Sikhosana’s courage and humility, demonstrated by his ever willingness to visit our Johannesburg offices at the heart of the dreaded Johannesburg, inspired many in the District to work hard in support of Zanu PF,” it said.

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