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Cops in two-week battle to retrieve body found in river

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Plumtree Correspondent
A DECOMPOSING body has been found on the banks of Shashe River in Mayobodo, Mangwe District.

Chief Hobodo said the body was found by a villager on Sunday afternoon.

He said they had failed to identify the gender of the person as the body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

“There is a villager from my area, Mr Jonathan Ncube, who found a decomposed body in Shashe River on Sunday afternoon. When Mr Ncube first saw the body it was floating in the river.

“He reported the incident to other villagers who proceeded to the river where they found the body by the river bank. The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition which made it difficult to ascertain the gender or identity of the person,” he said.

Chief Hobodo said some villagers reported that they saw the body floating in a river two weeks ago but when authorities tried to retrieve it they failed due to persistent rains.

“Villagers from my area first made a report of seeing the body floating in the river two weeks ago. When members of the sub aqua team tried to retrieve it they failed because of persistent rains.

“A week later more villagers made a report again but efforts to retrieve it were again fruitless. When it was seen again on Sunday the rains had stopped.

“It appears that this body had stayed in the water for a long time which explains its state of advanced decomposition,” he said.

Chief Hobodo said he suspected that the body was swept away from another village as no report of a missing person had been made within his area of jurisdiction.

He said the body was conveyed to Plumtree District Hospital Mortuary.


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