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Corruption scourge ravishing Africa: Prof Lumumba

A renowned anti corruption activist from Kenya Professor Patrick Lumumba says the endemic corruption scourge ravishing most African states can only be dealt with by using political will.

Chief executive officer of the Kenya School of Law Professor Lumumba gave a speech entitled ‘Fighting corruption yesterday today and tomorrow’ during the 2017 Zimbabwe Accountants Conference held in the capital.

Africa continues to grapple with the corruption scourge a cancer which continues to stifle development and diminish the great African states’ huge potential of exploiting its vast untapped resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

Unless there is great change of mindset in the leaders of African states and political will power, corruption will remain a part of the nations make says Professor Lumumba.

He added that even there are many sound laws prohibiting corruption in Africa these have not been enough to deal with corruption decisively as enforcement has largely been lacking and the best way of nipping the cancerous vice in the bud is by ensuring all corrupt people are arrested tried and incarcerated.

Corruption has been cited as one of the key drivers of under development in all societies and it has also been responsible for the breakdown of society’s moral fibre destroying all sectors on its path.

While there have been efforts to address the widespread vice through enactment of laws and creation of institutions such as the Anti Corruption Commission in the country, these institutions have not been receiving proper funding and have also been labelled toothless bulldogs as they are not fully constitutionally empowered to exercise their functions.

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