‘Country’s Leaders No Longer Have Control’ Tsenengamu

Former Zanu PF national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu has claimed that the country’s leadership no longer has control of the country as they are captured by cartels.

Tsenengamu said this during the launch of a social movement called the Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ).

“We are very much aware of how powerful cartels have captured our leadership and continue to hold this country at ransom. We are also aware of how leadership has allowed itself to be captured by these cartels. Most of our leaders no longer have control or a voice.

“They have been involved in dirty deals and now compromised. The cartels are causing a lot of untold suffering to us the people by colluding to fix prices and maximize profits as they enjoy protection from powerful and high ranking politicians” said Tsenengamu

He said political parties have also been captured and are on payrolls of these cartels thereby grounding the nation hence the launch of the movement.

“Some political parties are now compromised as they have also been captured by these cartels as they are the ones buying vehicles for those parties and their leaders, giving them fuel, paying salaries for their staff and leaders and donate towards their programs and activities.

“For example they are flooding bank notes on the black market in search for foreign currency which they would then “burn” or convert into RTGS so that they deposit “donations” into party accounts meant for salaries of members of staff of certain political parties and their leadership. Yes they are allowed to do this for the benefit of a few people but at the expense of the majority”

Tsenengamu said it is high time that citizens hold politicians and those in government accountable for their actions.

“It would be foolish of us as citizens to continue to expect that those political parties will defend us in the face of attack by their sponsors. It is high time we face reality that we are on our own as citizens.

Some leading figures from across the political divide have fallen victim to the schemes of the cartels and are now compromised and cannot afford to correct the wrongs of these cartels and even allow their criticism or attack. We are on our own and this sad reality must sink into our heads as citizens” he said.

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