Creating jobs in gaming: It is game on!

Rumbidzai Ngwenya Features writer
Business having been their passion since high school, Elias Gibson and Leson Chikwape both 23-years-old, ventured into agriculture soon after school.

However, because of inputs needed and lack of capital, the idea did not go as the two had anticipated and they had to shelve farming, albeit temporarily.

The two decided to find a low capital project to generate some cash so as to finance the bigger idea of farming. From their knowledge that most men, both young and old, love sport more than most things in their lives, an idea struck, they were going to give them a chance to participate in sport by gaming.

“Most men are passionate about games, but the expensive hardware limits them. We saw an opportunity in that field and grabbed it,” explained Chikwape.

They took a financial risk of buying gaming hardware so that they could offer gaming services at an affordable price. And this was the beginning of a great business adventure.

The business started in December last year and was registered in May this year, as a Public Business Corporation under the name Techmiles Enterprises. The pair have a shop in Harare which is doing well and they say if all goes according to plan, the two see themselves opening another shop soon and employing more people.

According to the Chikwape and Gibson, their business, apart from creating employment, increases computer literacy to their customers.

“We dedicate our time to our customers to familiarise with computers.

“Everyone who comes to our shop certainly leaves with general knowledge of how to operate a computer,” said Chikwape.

But like many young entrepreneurs, the two hope that loans will be made more accessible by financial institutions as lack of capital delays their growth.

“Zimbabwe has talent and the youth are ambitious. If the Government could ensure the ease of loan access by banks, many youths would be able to start businesses and the unemployment rate would certainly fall. As it stands, lack of capital and infrastructure are adversely affecting most, if not all start-ups,” said Gibson.

“There should also be provision of platforms where young entrepreneurs can meet and discuss and share business ideas as well as market them.”

In the near future, when funds permit, the two hope to venture into farming again, this time more prepared than before. They hope to manage all businesses and become employment creators.

Their aim is to help reduce the unemployment rate.

“Don’t wait for anyone to create employment for you, create it,” they said.

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