Cremer celebrates being with Emirates

First Officer, Merna Cremer (MC), celebrated her one year anniversary with Emirates.

She shares her experience moving to Dubai from Zimbabwe and flying Boeing 777 aircraft for the airline.

The Herald Business (HB) caught up with Ms Creamer and the following are some excerpts of the interview.

HB: What is your role at Emirates?

MC: I am a First Officer on the Boeing 777 fleet.

HB: For how long have you been working with Emirates?

MC: I joined the airline in 2018 and I have been with Emirates for one year now.

HB: What is your favourite part of your job?

MC: I like the aspect of flying the B777 around the world and the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with getting people safely to their destinations.

I also thoroughly enjoy working in Emirates’ multicultural environment.

I love the dynamic structure and the diversity of this airline, it keeps me highly motivated and excited about going to work. It is the best feeling to be a part of a world-class airline; I feel my opportunities are unlimited.

HB: How has Emirates helped you grow?

MC: I have grown personally and professionally with Emirates.

I continue to meet new people everyday and work with experienced professionals from all over the world.

I have learnt a tremendous amount about different cultures and countries.

I have also gained more experience flying into different airports and airspaces, including the challenging weather patterns that come with each region. So far it has been a fulfilling experience.

HB: What special qualities do you bring to the Emirates team?
MC: I have a lot of energy and positivity, which helps propel me through challenges and embrace each day and experience.

These qualities make me approachable and engaging in my interactions with people.

HB: How does your family feel about your work?

MC: Every time I land in a new country, I send my location to my father. My mother recently told me that she keeps a log of all the places I have travelled to.

I couldn’t be prouder to be able to share this journey with both my parents who have made this all possible for me.
HB: What was your experience moving to Dubai from Zimbabwe?

MC: It was an interesting experience for my family and I.

Settling my young sons in a new country was challenging at first but with support from my husband, mother and from the airline, I was able to find my feet quickly and feel at home.

HB: What is it like living in Dubai?

MC: I absolutely love Dubai and couldn’t have chosen a better city to live in.

My sons can engage with children from all over the world and learn how to respect other cultures.

I also must mention how friendly and welcoming the people of Dubai have been.

HB: How do you like to spend your free time?

MC: On lay-overs I go to the gym, read, catch up on a TV series and do some site-seeing with the crew.

In Dubai, I dedicate most of my time to my sons and do activities with them. Their favourite things to do in Dubai are riding their quad bike in the desert, going to the beach and of course, every night when I’m home, a bedtime story!

HB: What do you miss most in Zimbabwe?

MC: I miss my extended family and friends. But thankfully Emirates flies to Zimbabwe daily, so I have the option of flying home, as the destination is operated by a B777.

HB: How many places have you travelled to so far?

MC: I have been to every continent, and I recently travelled to Australia for the first time.

HB: Where are your favourite destinations?

MC: My favourite destinations so far are Malta, Lyon, Geneva and Hamburg. I love Europe; it has so much charm, character and history that it is hard for me to choose a favourite city

HB: Which destination have you not visited that you would like to see?

MC: I cannot wait to see Athens!

HB: Your top three travel tips?

MC: Learn how to travel light and pack a spare change of clothes in your hand luggage.

Stay well hydrated when flying. Always pay attention to the safety briefing delivered by the cabin crew.

Emirates operates daily flights from Harare to Dubai via Lusaka, and onward.

Through Dubai, Emirates offers multiple connections for Zimbabwean travellers to most of the world’s top business and tourism destinations.

It flies to 158 destinations across six continents .

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