Cry my beloved Zimbabwe

Cry my beloved Zimbabwe

by Tendai Mazenge
Every time I keep asking myself what the Zanu-PF leaders discuss about when the state of the nation is in shambles this. Do they not see that they have failed and the best solution to the country is to step down and leave the new generation to tackle the current economic problems we have in Zimbabwe. Zanu-PF have destroyed the economy and the country. Zimbabwe was once a place many people referred to as “God’s Own Country,” a breadbasket of Africa and a land of opportunity.

The scale of devastation is difficult to comprehend. Fear silences the public voices of many. The CIO (Central Intelligence Organization) agents lurk in unexpected places and a chance remark could send one for immediate interrogation or detention. Privately it’s a different story and many people want to speak out. They want to air their views on the threats, intimidation and violent attacks. They want to be counted but they are afraid. Thanks to social media few people are beginning to talk about the bad governance and the brutality of the ruling government. They have been pushed to the edge and the only way out is to fight, and fight they will.

Unemployment has reached unprecedented levels of above 90% of the work force. The state of anarchy prevailing in the country has dissuaded local and foreign entrepreneurs from investing in Zimbabwe. In addition to law and order, common sense also needs to be restored to Zimbabweans. Thousands of qualified people, black and white have emigrated, hoping to settle in a country where they can be adequately rewarded for the application of their skills. There are more than 3 million Zimbabweans in South Africa alone, most of them illegal immigrants.Add that figure to those in America, Europe and the rest of the world and the figure is alarming. My people have suffered at the hands of this regime called Zanu-PF.

They are concerned that this situation will deteriorate further if Zimbabwe’s collapse is allowed to continue, and especially if widespread starvation should eventuate, as has been predicted by many experts. It is anticipated that because of chaos on the farms, the government will have to import huge quantities of maize and wheat. Where is the government going to get the money when they are even failing to pay the civil servants. With their bad policies, no sane government would want to lend them some money because they are potential bad debtors. They have become an enemy of every state in the world.

I have never felt more concerned for the future of our country than I do today. There are very few businesses operating in Zimbabwe at this time that can be confident that they will still be in existence in 2018. I feel anger, rage,and frustration at the people who are deliberately ruining the economy in the pursuance of unworkable policies, because they are afraid to lose power and face consequences of their criminal actions over the last 37years. They are quite prepared to destroy the economy to save their own skins and their own jobs. The ruling party Zanu-PF is on an express train hurtling towards disaster and destruction. It’s members are afraid to jump off and they refuse to apply the brakes. Is there a future here? Yes I believe there is.

The future is in us citizens and this is the time to say enough is enough. Businesses in this country have been operating in a crisis mode for the past 25 years. We have to focus on clear objectives and not lose track of them. We have to be pro active and innovative and transform difficulties into opportunities. After all we are accustomed to making do and coping with problems that are unheard of in the developed countries. There are so many lives and jobs at stake but the government doesn’t care. Workers and employers share common interests and concerns. The future of Zimbabwe is in our hands.

United we can secure the future of our children.I am appealing to the opposition leaders to come together and form a grand coalition against the evil Zanu Pf. We have to get rid of the President who is good at insulting citizens but when insulted he throws people in jail.

Let me conclude by quoting what the former President of the USA, Abraham Lincoln said. He said
-You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
-You cannot help small men by tearing down big men
-You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich
-You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer
-You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income -You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatreds -You cannot establish security on borrowed money
-You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative and independence
-You cannot help men permanently by doing them what they could and should be doing for themselves.

This is exactly what our government is doing and it hurts. As a God fearing man I know that in the hour of adversity, be not without HOPE, for crystal rain falls from black clouds. Another Zimbabwe is definitely possible

Tendai Mazenge


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