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The crowd cheers as Zimbabwe's President Mugabe addresses during Heroes Day commemorations in Harare...The crowd cheers as Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe addresses during Heroes Day commemorations in Harare, August 12, 2013. Mugabe told critics of his disputed re-election to "go hang" on Monday, dismissing his rivals as "Western-sponsored stooges" at a the liberation war commemoration that was boycotted by his principal challenger. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) of Mugabe's rival Morgan Tsvangirai filed a court challenge on Friday against the announced landslide win of Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party in the July 31 vote, alleging widespread rigging and intimidation. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

Crying for A Peaceful Zimbabwe Election 2018

Crying for A Peaceful Election 2018

Zimbabwe will in less than twelve months head for elections, a time for serious different opinions to be laid on the tables and serious political strangles with conflicting minds and ideology, coalition and splits.

The strangle for supremacy is real, tough and hard but people will do anything to gain or maintain power, ranks and office. Just like any election we expect secrets to be exposed, words exchanged and insults that go beyond self respect to float.

However Zimbabwe, this phase just like any other will pass and our lives will remain the same after the election, some will benefit from it whilst others will lose from it but we as a nation should not lose any human life.

2018 should mark a different approach, we as Zimbabwe will pave the way for a future legacy of a free, peaceful and successful election. We are to teach the world that elections can be free and fair, won without coercion or manipulation.

2018 elections should be marked in the world of history as non violent. Traveling around the world I have noticed that Zimbabwe has a reputation of having non violent, respectful and hardworking people, a nation of peace and tranquility.

As Joshua “Father Zimbabwe” Nkomo said, we are a people together, we should be a house that resolve it’s differences in peace. An election is such a case and in order to honour our liberation heroes we should thrive for a non violent election, black on black, Zimbabwean on Zimbabwean, fights and bloodshed is a disgrace to those that died in the fields never to be found.

We as a people should realise that enough is enough and stand up to fight for what is right, that which is right that is “A FREE AND FAIR PEACEFUL ELECTION”. Let’s never allow history to repeat itself, let the healed wounds of the past sharp a mindset of justice and a non violent approach to a future we all hope to see. In any election we all have different candidates, ideology and perspectives but that is no ground or reason for violence. Let the game be played on the podium and in the ballot box, the game of the minds should stick to it’s clover and never invite or institute violence of any find, form or nature. I cry for peace, so should you.

Even though we can differ in opinion, we remain always to be our brothers keeper. Violence is not an option violence is not a solution violence is not acceptable and violence is a violation of humanity and a sin against yourself and your brother.. Peace begins not only with me but also with you, and therefore PEACE should be in you, to that end peace then begins with all of us, for we are one people, we are one nation, with one goal, one object and all we want is a better life for us, our children and our children’s children..

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Caridade V Ryan

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