DALLIAN FIELD MUSHEKWI . . . Medical reports say Warrior needs treatment, extended rest

Grace Chingoma Senior Sports Reporter
NYASHA MUSHEKWI insists he is injured and requires urgent treatment to return to full fitness despite being thrown into battle for his Chinese Super League side Dalian Yifang yesterday, a few days after dropping out of the Warriors’ 2019 AFCON qualifier against Congo-Brazzaville.

The 31-year-old forward played the full 90 minutes for Dalian Yifang in their 1-0 away win over Tianjin Quanjian at the Haihe Educational Football Stadium in Tianjin yesterday, where a goal by Li Shuai in the 73rd minute decided the match.

Mushekwi, who claims he is playing at about 50 percent of fitness and can barely sprint, insists his goal is to ensure he recovers fully to play for the Warriors in next month’s back-to-back qualifiers against the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The striker pulled out of the Warriors side for the match against Congo-Brazzaville after reporting for camp and presenting his medical reports to the team’s officials.

He also underwent two medical tests, in Harare and in Johannesburg, during his trip to Southern Africa, with both reports showing he had an injury that required urgent treatment.

The first test was conducted by Nicholas Munyonga, the head of the medical staff at CAPS United, the last domestic club which Mushekwi played for before his adventures in South Africa, Belgium, Sweden and China.

Munyonga, a former Warriors team doctor and one of the leading sports medicine experts in the country, provided a report which showed that Mushekwi was injured and needed treatment.

“I write this report as head of medical for CAPS United FC, a club which Nyasha last played for in Zimbabwe and after Nyasha consulted me when he reported for national team duties in Zimbabwe,’’ said Munyonga.

“After examining Nyasha, I concluded Nyasha probably has a rectus abdominis injury at the tendinous insertion of the muscle into the superior ramus of the pubis.

“I also suspect a tear of the adductor muscle. I, therefore, recommend that, among other treatment modalities being offered, treatment consist of:

Complete rest to allow healing

Correction of soft tissue dysfunction

Gradual strengthening programme

Sport specific exercises that highlight eccentric control and lumber-pelvic stability.

If a corticosteroid is given, it should be accompanied by active rehabilitation.’’

South African medical experts, Sulman and Partners, also provided a report related to Mushekwi’s injury this week after an examination carried out last Friday.

“History states query sportsman’s hernia left side query symphysitis (injury left groin 6 weeks ago),’’ their report said.

“Findings – high-grade focal tear of the left rectus abdominis/adductor longus common aponeurosis insertion on the anterior inferior left pubic bone.

“Some lateral fibres of the aponeurosis remain attached to the left at the pubic symphysis. No significant tendon retraction.

“There is posterior propagation of the tear with secondary cleft sign suggesting tearing of the left adductor brevis tendon insertion. Small reactive cystic changes of the left pubic bone at the symphysis pubis with no significant bone edema.

“No significant fluid seen within the symphysis pubis. No right or left pubic rami fractures. No femoroacetabular bone edema.

“Small area of bone edema at the anterior inferior right sacroiliac joint which appears otherwise intact.

“Soft tissues of the bilateral trochanteric regions appear intact. Mild edema within the bilateral proximal gluteus maximus muscles, more so on the left consistent with grade 1 strain. Remaining gluteal muscles and tendons intact.

“Small area of linear fibrosis of the lateral proximal right rectus femoris muscle separate from the internal musculotendinous junction consistent with old tear with fibrosis. Minimal surrounding edema. Bilateral proximal common hamstring tendon complexes appear intact. No other soft tissue abnormalities.’’

The experts found out that:

Left-sided athletic pubalgia/ sportsman’s hernia. High-grade almost full-thickness tear of the left rectus abdominis/adductor longus common aponeurosis insertion at the left pubic bone insertion with posterior/inferior propagation (secondary cleft sign). The right aponeurosis appears intact. Small reactive cystic changes are at the left side of the pubic                                                                             symphysis.

Small areas of grade 1 strain bilateral gluteus maximus muscles.  Remaining gluteal muscles and tendons intact. Bilateral proximal common hamstring tendon complexes intact. Old right proximal rectus femoris intramuscular tear with small area of fibrosis.

No femoroacetabular/hip joint bone edema. Pubic rami appear intact.’’

Mushekwi is the top scorer at his Chinese club.

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