Dancehall Still Rules the Roost – – – As Thousands Attend Kinnah’s Birthday Bash

Mbare Netball Complex was a hive on Saturday night as thousands of dancehall fans came to celebrate with their musician Kinnah who turned 26 over the weekend.

The bash brought thrills, excitement and sad moments for both the musicians and merrymakers.


The show attracted more than 5 000 music lovers.

It started on a low note as, in the early hours of the event, few fans gathered outside the venue while some trickled into the event and danced to music that was being played by DJs.

It seemed as though the event would be a flop, but things started changing after 8pm.

Security details got busy soon after 9pm when scores of people started coming in to support their favourite musician.

A number of musicians were billed to perform at the event and the numbers started swelling.

Long queues became the order of the night as people negotiated their way in.

Those who got in early had the opportunity to see several upcoming musicians performing.


A mixture of upcoming and established musicians performed at the event bringing a mixed bag to the fans.

Musicians that include Scadda Tee, Kadja, Empress Massina, Cally Cee, Maffcat, Jah Signal, Jah Child, Maggikal, King Shaddy, Seh Calaz, Hwindi President and the birthday boy Kinnah performed.

It was a great night for Kadja who was called back on stage as she performed her songs that were popular with the crowd.

The crowd went wild with her songs as they sang along, ululating and called for more from the performer.

Most people agreed that she is the one who is set to challenge Lady Squanda.

Not to be outdone was a 12-year-old Empress Massina after she performed her songs that proved to be popular with the crowd.

Though she was not energetic on her stage work, her lyrics left many convinced she is a serious contender to the dancehall queen crown.

It was a bad day in office for musicians like Maffcat who got rude awakening from fans who threw cans on them.

Their acts failed to convince fans who became impatient calling them off stage.

King Shaddy who has been labelled a spent force, proved he is still in the game with his catchy dance moves as well as his hits.

His played songs that include “Machira Chete”, “Dhanimo”, “Ndakuda Changu” among others.

He pulled a shocker when he did another rendition of Charles Charamba’s song “Siyana Naye “.

The “Machira Chete” singer told merrymakers that he had the gospel singer’s blessing to do renditions of his songs.

Hwindi President who came in the wee hours of Sunday proved to be popular with the crowd.

He performed most of his songs that have been popular with dancehall fans.

Seh Calaz managed to give his best though he only played 3 songs.

Scadda Tee

That was the night the young musician introduced himself to the public in style.

He was recalled to the stage several times by fans that could not get enough of him.

The musician who was clad in blue security uniforms and a fake gun at his back made sure he left fans asking for more.

His performance was outstanding, outshining some of the known musicians who performed at the event.


The young musicians got a rude awakening from fans who threw missiles on him while performing the first two minutes of his slot.

“Nhasi hatisi kuita zvema diss but we are celebrating,” he shouted but his message went on deaf ears as fans were dismissing him.

He was defiant and told people he would not leave the stage.

Magical performed two songs that sent fans into frenzy after receiving a rude welcome.

However, the third song did not bring any good to him as fans started again to throw missiles on him. Efforts by MCs to get him off stage were fruitless as he refused to go before the end of his slot.

“They want me off stage is that good?” he quipped.

He charged towards the MCs moments later after they cut his performance short.


The birthday boy was prepared for his day as he belted songs that were popular with his fans.

He thanked fans for coming in numbers to support him on his birthday.

“This is my humble experience with the people of Mbare. Your support is overwhelming and I promise more hits are coming from me,” he said much to the delight of the fans.

Express Entertainment

The promotional company from Victoria Falls was satisfied with the gig that became their first show in Harare.

They are spreading their wings and they are planning another gig involving some of the best dancehall musicians at the same venue next month.

The company director Paul Shambare who is known as Elder Shambare said they were encouraged not only by the turn out, but by the level of maturity from fans.

He said despite incidents of a few disgruntled fans, the event was generally exciting.

“Shows of such magnitudes usually end with calamities but we are happy that people came to enjoy music and have fun,” he said.

Elder Shambare said they started their promotional company in 2013 and they were on a mission to work with both established and upcoming musicians.

“We had our first show outside Victoria Falls in Kadoma and the attendance was high now we are happy to be hosting another gig in Harare and we are happy we are taking it to another level,” he said.

They have worked with several upcoming musicians in Victoria Falls that include Briz Sox.

“We have our own recording studio Gangstar Express that record several upcoming musicians in Victoria Falls,” he said.

He said they will be spreading wings and holding several shows in different cities as well as hosting several musicians from different genres in Victoria Falls.

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