The dark side of Zimbabwe millionaire Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s all white party

The dark side of Zimbabwe millionaire Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s all white party


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Melissa Mpofu, Showbiz Editor
WOMEN who attend socialite – Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s All White Birthday parties never disappoint as they ensure the party trends on social media networks with their dressing.

The bash held in Sandton, South Africa at the weekend is the talk of town as some of the ladies showed up half naked, to be modest.

Their dressing bordered on trashy and cheap, making it seem as if they were trying too hard to lure men.

This lowered the party’s standards removing the class and style of the high-end event which was co-sponsored by Moet & Chandon and Hennessy.

One lady who some identified as Maury Max was captured on video, wearing a strappy dress covering only her nipples with part of her buttocks and privates showing for all to see.

As she gyrated she would purposely raise her excuse of a dress exposing her privates, clearly making her the centre of attention.

Another, Natasha Mushonga wore something that made her look like a child whose diaper needed to be changed. One identified woman decided to party the night away in a white panty and bra.

As a result, some women have not taken the issue lightly and have made it their business to bash the organiser of the party – Genius.

A Facebook user who refers to herself as Cdesister Mwenewazvo said Genius’ party was an embarrassment as it was characterised by cultural and moral decay.

“My question to Genius Kadungure and crew is would you appreciate this kind of barbarism if it was your daughters or sisters?

‘‘Don’t let what you call “bigman” arrogance erode your rationale.

“It’s no use throwing big parties which at the end of the day are like a meeting of pimp masters justifying brothel and prostitution behaviour.

“No matter how much money you might have, it has failed to buy you class.

“You lack wisdom, reducing women to cheap w*****,” posted Mwenewazvo.

Some, however, blamed the women for their choice of dressing. “The problem is actually the ladies who degrade themselves by wearing skimpy clothes.

‘‘The dress code was all white and these ladies decided to degrade themselves. If you check, there’re other women who were dressed decently,” posted David Divha.

He was quickly quashed by Ndlunkulu Naphiri who said: “They (women) knew what kind of men they were going to, so the problem is the men.

“Do you think if it was a party of someone like Strive Masiyiwa people were going to go semi-naked like that?

“They knew the calibre of men that would be at the party hence why they dressed that way.”

Not to be outdone was a guy purported to be a DJ who wore an old dirty pair (off-white) of sneakers which did not quite match his outfit.

Some suggested that for next year’s party, considering their wealth, Genius and his friends sponsor guests’ wardrobes to avoid such mishaps.

“One friend among all of Genius’ friends must sponsor wardrobes for their guests who may not have resources. They have to avoid this embarrassment,” said a Facebook user.

But, Genius’ wife, Zodwa, as usual was dressed elegantly in a white long sleeve mermaid dress, made of lace.

Her close friends represented her well as they were up to standard leaving social media users confused as to how the skimpily dressed women gained access to the party.

“If others were dressed this decent, how did those other ones make it past the door?

“Doesn’t one feel embarrassed when they see these women?” questioned Samantha Chinhema.

Doreen DG suggested that Zodwa needed to be tasked to invite women next year in order for her to vet them.


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