Data analytics spurs Simbisa Brands

Tawanda Musarurwa Senior Business Reporter

Regional-focused quick service restaurant (QSR) firm Simbisa Brands Limited may be getting more than they bargained for out of their Dial-a-Delivery (DAD) mobile application.

The App was launched in 2019 in Zimbabwe and Kenya to tap into new market segments while improving the firm’s value offering to existing clients.

The DAD application provides consumers with the ability to view the different outlet menus.

But Simbisa could be getting more than they bargained for (or did they?), according to market analysts as Akribos Research Services.

“The use of technology for businesses like Simbisa Brands was long overdue and these initiatives in our view will appeal more to the millennials segment of SBL’s customer base.

“This will give SBL the ability to create a database of clients that it can tap into in the long run for new product development.

“Data analytics performed on the customer database to be created will give Simbisa Brands an opportunity to better understand its customers including performing more detailed product profitability analysis,” said Akribos in a recent research note.

Data analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain.

Meanwhile, the analysts say the DAD application will allow the firm to focus on its core activities. The food delivery industry is fast growing across the globe, and in Zimbabwe the trend has been taking root, both with the big players and the start-ups.

Earlier in September Forbes Magazine wrote about the rise of the food delivery industry across the globe:

“North America is already host to over 10 online food delivery companies with Grubhub, the largest player, accounting for over a one third share of the market. Europe also has over 10 providers, with Dutch company Just Eat having a presence in eight countries in the region, and an over 83 percent share of the UK market.

“But in terms of sheer numbers, Asia accounts for a massive 55 percent share of the global online food delivery market, thanks to the Chinese dragon’s seemingly insatiable appetite.

“China alone registered over $34 billion in online food delivery revenues in 2018, with two of its biggest players, and Meituan Dianping divvying up almost 10 billion deliveries between them last year.”

But with its application Simbisa Brands taps into skills and capacities of food delivery start-ups.

“The group is looking to take on third parties delivery services. This is a positive move as the Group can solely focus on its core business, selling convenience through fast food and casual dining to its customers whilst leaving third parties with logistics expertise to handle logistics,” said Akribos.

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