Dear Black Africans: I’m white and I will not be shamed for it, don’t blame me for your laziness and poverty

I am white. And I will not be shamed for it.
I am male and I feel no shame.
I am fortunate and I will not apologise.
I am proud of who I am. (Not what I am)
My gender and skin has nothing to do with the merits of my character.

I am also sick to my stomach as politicians and public loud-mouths attempt to shame, vilify, demonise and impose some kind of debt upon my skin.

I grew up as an anti-racist. I pay my taxes. I abide by the law. I try to live in peace.

I will say this once… I am not responsible for the ills of the past. I am not your scapegoat. I am not your beneficiary. I am not your oppressor. I don’t know you. We are strangers and I owe you nothing. I don’t want your praise. I don’t want your medals or recognition.

Leave me be. Let me live in peace, in the country where I was born and raised. It is my country as it is yours. I am not a visitor. I am not a coloniser. I am a citizen. I am a South African. I am born of the land. It is my home.

Yes. This is my home and I wish to live in it without an emboldened hatemongers telling me I owe them something because my skin is white.

White people make up less than 9 percent of the country’s population. For twenty years the country has enjoyed the majority vote of non-whites. And for twenty years white people have paid their elevated taxes willingly and without complaint… a taxation system that deliberately targeted the wealthy in an effort to abolish poverty. A system that takes nearly half of the profits made by the top earners.

For twenty years, your non-white elected government has failed you and now you still have the audacity to point the finger at less than 9 percent of the country because we have a different color of skin?

I have been paying for the sins of my father for as long as I have been a contributing member of society. I did so out of kindness and understanding. I didn’t ask for anything in return except equal rights and peace.

I am white and I am proud of who I am. I will not be shamed for it.

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  1. Hameed Faruq Muhamed

    PEACE. There has to be some type of equitable compromise..

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