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Dear Mugabe, You Selfish Horrible Oldman who destroyed 13 million #Zimbabwe lives #263chat #twimbos

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this short missive to President Robert Mugabe, the commander-in-chief of the Zimbabwe National Army and chancellor of all State universities, on the continued decline of the economy.

My interest sir — I’m sure this could be yours as well — is to see Zimbabwe prospering with our children working here, in this country.

For the past 35 years you have not only destroyed what you inherited from Rhodesia but you have succeeded in destroying the future for the majority of our youths.

I’m not sure Mr President if your intelligence informs you that millions of our young people — both skilled and unskilled — have resorted to vending while others are skipping the border to neighbouring countries daily in search for better opportunities.

Our hospitals are now a pale shadow of their former selves and the moment one is admitted at the State hospitals and clinics that would be the end of their lives.

It’s a disaster Mr President that hospitals which are supposed to give relief to patients are now known for taking away life due to lack of medication.

I am quite confident sir, a gentleman as you are, that you did not intend to destroy the legacy that you built in the 1980s and 1990s.

As we speak, your government reeks of corruption and nepotism. Unfortunately, despite your constant empty threats, no one has been apprehended for corruption yet it is very rampant.

In my view, however, our nation’s fight against the cankerworm of corruption should, first and foremost, be a patriotic national service, not a schedule for partisan dogfights.

Unfortunately, the indiscriminate and groundless invectives currently being spewed by your political bootlickers are in dissonance with the democratic ethos you promised Zimbabwe.

They boil down to hysteria. And they are guaranteed to be counter-productive because they promote the fallacy that to be of service to one’s fatherland is mutually exclusive with malfeasance

I am a die-hard supporter of yours sir, but am now doubting whether the economic revival promised to dawn with the inception of your current administration is in any way remotely resembled to what is so far self-evident.

For the sake of our young children and for the future of Zimbabwe, which our mothers and fathers also died for, may you please have a heart and resign gracefully and hand over the reins to a successor of your choice.

Handing over power is not a sign of weakness.

On the contrary, it is an indication of strength and honour, to accept that there are other people who can take this country forward and make Zimbabwe tick again.

We are over 13 million people sir in this beautiful country — and about four million more in the Diaspora — and am sure there are more people who are capable of turning around the fortunes of Zimbabwe.


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